For women in their 40s, these three things should be done frequently, far away from the “menopause” that everyone is afraid of

Introduction: “men 41 flowers, women 40 bean curd residue.” For women, the age of 40 is a watershed. Not only is life pressure increasing, but also physical vitality is declining. Even the “great aunt” who has been with you for more than 20 years will leave you and meet the “menopause” that everyone is afraid of! < / P > < p > two days ago, a friend said that she was suffering from menopause, hot flashes, night sweats, restlessness and insomnia, and she was irritable and irritable. Everyone was angry and had poor sleep quality. However, she was only in her 40s. How could she enter the “morning shift”? For women, 40 years old is a watershed, and menopause is a sign of women’s physical changes. Many people think that menopause is the beginning of menopause, but it is not. “Tiangui” in Chinese refers to “27 days of Gui Zhi” and “77 days of GUI Jue”. Menstrual period represents the prosperity and failure of kidney meridian, and menopause is a process of a series of changes due to the decrease of estrogen secreted by the ovary! < p > < p > when women’s ovarian function decreases, estrogen secretion decreases. In traditional Chinese medicine: “Yi GUI homologous, kidney essence deficiency can cause liver loss of care, abnormal catharsis, liver depression and qi stagnation”, manifesting as bad temper, irritability, and even some depression. < / P > < p >: “Kidney Qi gradually declines, Tiangui is exhausted, Chong and Ren channels are deficient, and blood essence is insufficient”; this is mainly manifested in women’s appearance changes, more and more rough skin, more wrinkles on the face, and bloated figure. < / P > < p > “Kidney Yin is deficient, Yang is not hidden, pulse is lost in nurturing, viscera Qi and blood are not coordinated”, another manifestation of menopause is nighttime dreaminess and poor sleep quality! As the saying goes, there must be a result if there is a cause, there must be a cause. When women encounter menopause, they must not think that tolerance is over. If their family members do not understand, it is easy to burn oil on the fire and cause a series of problems. What should we do? Staying up late and smoking are the most harmful behaviors. Some women even over diet for the sake of their body shape, which is harmful to their health. Proper exercise, self-discipline lifestyle is the most important, not only can let us feel happy, but also improve metabolism, promote the secretion of estrogen, let the body in a high-quality state! < / P > < p > decreased ovarian function and decreased estrogen secretion will lead to menopause in women. Therefore, eating foods that promote estrogen secretion can alleviate menopausal symptoms, such as fish, shrimp and beans. < / P > < p > “Kidney Yin is deficient, Yang is not hidden, pulse is lost in nurturing, and Qi and blood of viscera are not coordinated”. When women enter menopause, deficiency of both qi and blood is the most harmful to the body. Qi and blood are sufficient to relieve menopausal symptoms. According to the records, brewed with water of longan, red dates, medlar, chrysanthemum and double petal rose, it has the effect of Tonifying Qi and replenishing qi, and can relieve menopausal symptoms. The principle of medicine and food homology is as follows: < p > < p > conclusion: the most important thing for women is family, but their body is the capital of revolution. Only when they have enough Qi and blood, can they be healthy. For women in their 40s, these three things should be done frequently, especially Qi tea, regulating qi and blood, and keeping away from the “menopause” that everyone is afraid of! Focus