Forbes: e-cigarette is a good way for smokers to get rid of tobacco dependence

On August 18, 2020, Steve Forbes, chairman and chief editor of Forbes media group, pointed out in his latest video program that “the campaign against e-cigarettes is based on a lot of misinformation and outright lies”. < p > < p > Steve Forbes believes that e-cigarette is the best way for smokers to get rid of tobacco dependence, and it is also the least harmful way. Those who oppose e-cigarette, by preventing smokers from turning to e-cigarettes, are pushing thousands of people into the abyss of premature death, which can be completely avoided. < / P > < p > “contrary to what happened in the United States, the UK encourages smokers to switch to e-cigarettes. We should do the same thing. ” Steve Forbes said. Here is what he said in this program: < / P > < p > should e-cigarettes be banned? No, in fact, smokers should be encouraged to use e-cigarettes. Hello, I’m Steve Forbes, and this is “looking to the future”. We share our insights and help you get through difficult times better. < / P > < p > before the new coronavirus appeared and dominated our lives, medical institutions and other organizations in the United States were mercilessly and openly opposed to the use of e-cigarettes. Although the voices against e-cigarettes are no longer headlines, they have not stopped. They have successfully convinced countless people that e-cigarettes are as dangerous or even more dangerous than traditional tobacco products. < / P > < p > but surprisingly, the campaign against e-cigarettes is based on a lot of misinformation and outright lies. In fact, by persuading smokers not to switch to e-cigarettes, these institutions are pushing thousands of people into the abyss of premature death, which is entirely avoidable, that is, more Americans will die from this botched anti e-cigarette campaign than the new coronavirus. < / P > < p > to take a look at the actual situation, e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, users inhale nicotine, but do not inhale the lethal substances in tobacco. E-cigarettes are the safest and most effective alternative to cigarettes, so the health authorities in the UK have adopted the opposite strategy, encouraging smokers to switch to e-cigarettes. The anti e-cigarette groups in the United States pointed out that the number of young people who use e-cigarettes has increased sharply in recent years, especially teenagers, suggesting that e-cigarettes are the gateway to cigarettes, but the fact is just the opposite. In the past decade, the smoking rate of young people has dropped from nearly 16% to less than 6%. < p > < p > last year, there were a lot of news about lung diseases caused by e-cigarettes, a total of 450 cases, of which 5 cases died. The fact is that most of these people use illegal e-cigarettes, rather than products sold by regular e-cigarette manufacturers. They use illegal electronic cigarettes to inhale a acetate containing acetate, which is a chemical for topical skin lotion. However, the anti e-cigarette groups still put pressure on the US FDA to prohibit manufacturers from adding spices to the liquid tobacco, which undoubtedly paves the way for a complete ban on e-cigarettes. So it’s no surprise that tobacco companies, nicotine patch manufacturers, chewing gum and other smoking cessation aids are not optimistic about the future of e-cigarettes. Luanban