Foreign bold maternal live birth, directly pulled out by hand, netizens: can’t bear to look directly

There was a pregnant woman abroad, named Courtney Kardashian. Others have babies step by step, slowly waiting for the process of childbirth, but she is very different. < p > < p > Courtney Kardashian was broadcast live at the time of childbirth, not to mention how wonderful the idea is, the way the mother gave birth to a baby surprised many netizens. < / P > < p > in the process of childbirth, the baby’s head slowly leaked out, and everyone was waiting for the baby’s birth. However, Courtney Kardashian’s next move surprised netizens. < / P > < p > she actually pulled the child out with her hand. The whole process was clean and tidy without any muddling. After the child came out, she held the child in her arms. Netizen calls directly: this wave operation learns not to come. < / P > < p > nervous and panic pregnant women, when giving birth to children, will be tense, which will aggravate the pain of labor, and even lead to prolonged labor. When doctors talk to you, you don’t listen. < / P > < p > we often hear doctors say that there is no need to be nervous, so that pregnant women can relax. And let the mother learn to carry out breathing training in the third trimester of pregnancy is also to let pregnant women relax, the mood is relaxed, muscles are not so tense, more conducive to the smooth delivery. < p > < p > one of the three factors of childbirth is fertility. Children with sufficient fertility will have a more smooth life. We will find that athletes generally give birth to children faster. In addition to paying attention to weight control during pregnancy, they also have more strength. < / P > < p > when giving birth to a child, pregnant women will consume a lot of energy and physical strength. If the pregnant women’s physical strength is not enough, it will lead to an increase in the length of delivery, and will also pose a certain threat to the safety of children and themselves. < / P > < p > when giving birth to a child, the place of exertion is also very important. When the puerpera will force, the strength used in the right place, then they will not be so hard, delivery time will be shortened. < / P > < p > why is it easier for a mother to have a second child? It is because the difficulty of giving birth is related to the tightness of the cervix. < / P > < p > during the first child, the cervix of the pregnant woman is relatively tight, so the time for the first child is longer. When the second child, pregnant women’s cervix is relatively loose, so they have a second child with less time, giving birth to children will be easier. < / P > < p > the mood of the parturient is very influential to the delivery. Some pregnant women are acute children, and when they give birth, they also think that the children can come out quickly, and they will become very anxious. Such emotions will bring adverse effects on delivery. < / P > < p > always think about when the child will be able to come out, without paying attention to the doctor’s command, which will only make it more difficult for you to give birth, not to mention that the child can come out quickly. < p > < p > therefore, the puerpera should calm down their emotions when giving birth, can use other things to divert their attention, think more about things that make themselves relaxed and happy, and don’t worry too much. < / P > < p > when giving birth, the puerpera should keep her physical strength, because we all know that giving birth to a child is a physical work, which requires a lot of maternal energy. It’s very dangerous to have a baby if you don’t have strength in the middle of it. Before entering the delivery room, puerpera can eat something to maintain their physical strength and supplement their energy. They can choose steamed stuffed bun, porridge and plain cake as soft and easy to digest food. In addition, pregnant women can also eat some high calorie foods like chocolate. < / P > < p > maternal strength is particularly important in childbirth, which is related to the safety of children and themselves. Puerpera should master the method of exerting strength. When giving birth, they should lie on their knees, separate their legs, and hold the armrests on both sides of the delivery bed with both hands. In case of pain, take a deep breath and start exerting. When you breathe, avoid breathing hard with your mouth. You should breathe gently through your nostrils. If the force is too strong, it will cause the fetal head to retract. Another is to cooperate with the doctor’s command, when the doctor let himself exert himself. < p > < p > Jingma’s message: pregnant women are hard-working. It’s very difficult to have a baby in October and give birth once. In childbirth, we should follow the doctor’s advice, not nervous, not afraid. When the family found that the maternal mood is not right, should give timely care and comfort, help them to calm down, this is the most important. 08/17/2020