Foreign maternal strength baby, pregnant mother directly “pull” the fetus out, netizen: the most ambitious maternal

The pain coefficient of childbirth is equivalent to the limit value of human suffering pain. Many girls’ sexual memories of the experience of childbirth are described as “unable to live” and “thinking that they are going to die”. However, there are always exceptions. Foreign mothers’ experience of childbirth directly pulls the baby out, which is honored by netizens as: < / P > < p > when the live broadcast in 2009 has not yet aroused nationwide popularity, Courtney Kardashian, who is famous for her reality show, broadcast her baby birth process live. Different from other mothers, Courtney Kardashian’s childbirth process is surprisingly smooth And her own performance in the production process is calm to terrible. The most shocking and incredible thing about the live delivery process of koenit Kardashian is that when the baby is about to be born, as a expectant lying in the delivery bed, she is so powerful that she can directly replace the doctor and pull the baby out. < / P > < p > the video stunned netizens, and some even joked that it was easier than pulling radish in the ground. Everyone agreed that Courtney Kardashian was the most powerful woman in the world. It has been 11 years since the birth of koenit Kardashian. The 41 year old mother of koenit Kardashian is a mother of three children, but her figure has not gone out of shape. In the photos, the figure is still concave and convex, and still retains the charm of her youth. It’s no coincidence that the familiar Japanese star kuroshi also interacts with netizens for more than 19 hours before delivery. In the live broadcast, kuroshi is in good condition. However, her husband logs in to her social account and announces that she has entered the delivery room. Different from other parturient before labor “unbearable pain”, Cang Jingkong’s relaxed state before delivery makes people completely unable to associate with her about to give birth. < / P > < p > although postpartum needs “tocolysis”, it must not be completely isolated from exercise. If a certain amount of pregnant women are maintained during pregnancy, the labor process will be more smooth. < p > < p > because exercise can keep the maternal endurance and physical strength, and the body has good flexibility, the delivery process is much shorter than that of the resting pregnant women.

many women are more “indulgent” in the name of children during pregnancy, and their food consumption is totally uncontrolled. < / P > < p > in medicine, the healthy weight of a baby is about 3kg. In other words, it is easier for the mother to give birth if it is maintained within this healthy weight range. If it is more than 8 kg, it is defined as “megasomia”, which not only makes delivery difficult, but also increases the high risk of maternal delivery. < p > < p > therefore, in order to make the birth process more smooth, pregnant mothers should also “keep their mouths open and open their legs” during pregnancy, so as to maintain a reasonable weight of the fetus and baby, which is conducive to childbirth and child health. < / P > < p > production is a one-step process. It takes at least several hours from the opening of the palace to the delivery room. Because of the pain, many pregnant women can’t help but “squeak” and waste a lot of energy. Some parturient women can’t adjust the state quickly after entering the delivery room. If they don’t cooperate with doctors, they will naturally extend the labor process if the method is wrong. < / P > < p > in order to have a smooth delivery, the maternal production process should be “mind free”, cooperate with doctors, follow the guidance of medical staff, and use force correctly. In this way, not only can the physical strength be saved, but also the labor process can be shortened and private laceration can be prevented. Although there is no clear scientific basis, many examples show that the speed of labor is also affected by certain genetic factors. If the mother gives birth to a baby smoothly, then the daughter inherits the mother’s constitution, and the production process also has certain similarity. The majority of the innate constitution depends on luck. < / P > < p > childbirth is an individual activity. Therefore, it is better for a pregnant mother to supplement some high-energy foods before delivery, such as chocolate or functional drinks. When entering the delivery room, when you encounter physical exhaustion, the medical staff will take them out to supplement your physical strength and ensure the smooth labor process. It is inevitable that there will be some unexpected events during childbirth, such as “incontinence of urine and urine before baby birth” as described by previous people. Encountering similar embarrassing events may affect the maternal mood, but at this time, do not be distracted. Take a deep breath as much as possible, concentrate on calmness and adjust the mood. You should know that the medical staff are “experienced a lot of battles” and will not ridicule you because of such small matters in the bottom of my heart. Every woman who has experienced childbirth is a great woman. Let’s wish all mothers in the world a smooth delivery and a healthy and safe baby! Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here