Found gestational diabetes, pregnant women care for the body and fetus, these four things to pay attention to

Pregnant women are always very hard, in addition to endure the hard work, there are many unexpected guests, gestational diabetes is one of them. The incidence rate of gestational diabetes is high, which will affect the health of pregnant women, and also affect the growth and development of the fetus, and even cause abortion and premature labor. If pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus, in addition to active treatment, also need to pay attention to good care in life, so as to ensure the health of pregnant mother and fetus.

prenatal examination is a must for pregnant women during pregnancy. It can cause many problems through birth inspection, and solve the problems in time, so that the pregnancy is smooth and smooth. If the examination came out with gestational diabetes mellitus, it is very necessary to have a timely birth examination. We must pay attention to the detection of blood glucose level during the birth examination, and often check the fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood glucose, so that we can know whether the blood glucose control is good in the near future and whether there are new problems. Before the detection of blood glucose, we need to pay attention to many aspects, in order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, we must be prepared.

many pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes due to their excessive dietary intake. So if you get gestational diabetes, first of all. We should reasonably control the diet, eat less food with high sugar content, less food with high fat content, more fresh vegetables and more food rich in dietary fiber. Before eating, look at the food’s glycemic index. If the GI is high, don’t eat or eat less. If the GI is low, you can eat safely. The diet of pregnant women can also be formulated according to this index table. It is light and nutritious, and low sugar is the principle that pregnant women with gestational diabetes must adhere to.

gestational diabetes mellitus patients must take more walks, which is very necessary to enhance insulin sensitivity, reduce the body’s resistance to insulin, and maintain their blood glucose at a reasonable level. Now the weather is relatively hot, you can go for a walk after dinner in the evening, so the weather is cooler. It is better to be accompanied by someone when walking, so that when there is an accident, someone can solve it. Take a walk, don’t rush for success. Take it slowly. If you walk too hard, it’s not good for the health of pregnant women.

pregnant women are prone to fatigue during pregnancy. If they get gestational diabetes again at this time, the symptoms of fatigue will be more serious. If sleep is not enough, it will affect the control of blood sugar, which will lead to blood sugar rise and harm the health of pregnant women and fetus. If pregnant women have insomnia and other problems, you should go to the doctor in time to seek solutions. If you simply like to stay up late, you should quickly correct this bad sleep habit. In order to alleviate fatigue, pregnant women can also take appropriate lunch break at noon, and keep it between half an hour and an hour. Don’t sleep on the afternoon, otherwise it will affect the sleep at night.

if pregnant women have gestational diabetes mellitus, they must follow the doctor’s guidance, everything is to control blood sugar as the main purpose. The above points are pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus must adhere to the main points of care, treatment and nursing two pronged, in order to control blood sugar, in order to make themselves and the fetus not affected by gestational diabetes. CUISINE&HEALTH