Four kinds of fruits are the “bane” of stomach disease. Many people eat them every day, and their intestines and stomach are stimulated, so they can’t bear the burden

Ten stomach and nine diseases, gastrointestinal problems become more and more common, fast-paced life, heavy life pressure, disordered eating habits and preferences, are one of the reasons why gastrointestinal diseases become more common. With the concentrated outbreak of gastrointestinal problems, more and more young people have gradually joined the queue of gastric cancer. The number of young cancer patients in their twenties, twenties and thirties is too numerous to be regretted. < p > < p > with the development of young people’s bodies, health preservation has become one of their lifestyles. Soaking Lycium barbarum in the thermos cup seems to be able to make them further away from the disease. However, many people have failed in this matter. Especially in the aspect of nourishing the stomach, many young people believe that it is good for their stomach to eat fruits and vegetables often. Therefore, no matter what kind of fruit they eat, they all eat into their stomachs. As a result, their intestines and stomachs are getting worse and worse. < p > < p > eating pears often can clear away heat and reduce fire, so many people think that eating pears is a good thing. However, pear is cool and rich in fruit acid, which easily leads to deficiency of spleen and stomach cold, stimulation of excessive secretion of gastric juice, leading to gastric acid. If you have a bad stomach, eating it would be like adding insult to injury. On the list of famous persimmon food, it often causes stomach cold. At the same time, the tannin, colloid, soluble astringent and other substances in it can easily react with gastric juice to form stones, causing pyloric blockage, causing gastric distension and pain, leading to stomach diseases. There are a lot of dietary fiber in fresh jujube, which can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa. At the same time, fresh jujube skin is relatively thin, sharp edge, easy to damage gastric mucosa, for people with inflammation, ulcer, fresh jujube will aggravate these lesions. Hawthorn is appetizing and helpful for digestion. Therefore, many people regard it as a kind of food for stomach. But in fact, hawthorn is not suitable for stomach, for the stomach is not good, often eat hawthorn, will make the stomach more uncomfortable, pathological changes are very serious. It contains a lot of pectin and tannic acid. When it comes into contact with gastric acid, it will adhere with food residue to form stones and bury the roots of ulcer, gastric bleeding and perforation. < / P > < p > this odor is extremely stubborn, and chewing gum is hard to suppress; it still stinks after brushing your teeth. At this time, most of the stomach has been occupied by the pathogenic bacteria Helicobacter pylori, and the number of bacteria exceeds the standard, constantly eroding the gastric mucosa; at this time, if the diet is improper, the gastric mucosa will be more easily damaged and pathological changes. < / P > < p > the gastrointestinal function is affected by pathological changes, which will lead to disorder, abnormal secretion of gastric juice, resulting in excessive gastric acid, flowing up to the esophagus, and easy to cause nausea and retching. < / P > < p > this is a typical manifestation of gastrointestinal collapse and lesions. It can not normally digest, absorb and use the nutrients in food. The gastrointestinal tract has stress and exclusive reaction. After eating, it is easy to have diarrhea, and even has frequent diarrhea at ordinary times. < / P > < p > regular eating habits can make the intestines and stomach get better adaptation, help to balance the secretion of gastric juice and promote the digestion and absorption of food. At the same time, when eating, we should follow the principle of seven points. When the meal is full, we can stop it. Otherwise, it is easy to eat too much and make the stomach difficult to digest. < / P > < p > take an appropriate amount of hemp seed oil and honey water, mix them evenly and then drink. This cup of water originated from, after modern improvement, more suitable for modern people to drink, the stomach effect has also been improved. According to medical records, huoma seed can strengthen the spleen and stomach, tonify the middle and replenish qi, relieve flatulence and accumulate food. After being pressed into oil, it is rich in linolenic acid and linoleic acid, which is convenient for human body to absorb, which helps to suppress Helicobacter pylori and prevent its proliferation and growth; at the same time, it can also relieve the inflammation and ulcer of intestines and stomach. < / P > < p > cigarettes and alcohol can stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause damage. In the long run, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal problems. At the same time, this kind of food will also affect the body’s operation, affect the immune level of the body, will make the intestines and stomach more easily injured, pathological changes, and difficult to complete. Therefore, if you want to improve your stomach, you should touch less and control your mouth to get better and better. 20