Four kinds of useless behaviors during fitness seriously affect fitness efficiency and waste time!

Another situation is that some people do not know that the fitness behavior is wrong, so it leads to low fitness efficiency and less fitness effect than others. < / P > < p > so what fitness behaviors will affect fitness efficiency? The following four useless fitness behaviors should be corrected in time, otherwise it is a waste of time! < / P > < p > this kind of situation is very easy to happen to fitness novices. They want to build a strong body. Before each exercise, they will not warm up, but directly pick up the equipment to exercise. Because they think that as long as they work hard, warm-up is not the key, it’s better to do more exercise than warm-up. So warming up is optional. < / P > < p > in fact, it is very important to warm up before exercise. If there is no warm-up, then the muscles and joints of the body can not be effectively “activated”. In the process of fitness exercise, the stimulation to the target muscles will not be very strong, and it is easy to lead to physical injury. < / P > < p > so it’s important to warm up before fitness. We can warm up for 5-10 minutes, promote blood circulation, stretch joints, effectively reduce the risk of injury, in order to better promote fitness efficiency! < / P > < p > if you’ve ever been in contact with fitness, you must have heard the saying “practice three points and eat seven points”. Whether it’s muscle gain or fat loss, diet is very important. If you don’t control your diet during the fitness period and eat everything, such as fried chicken hamburger, hot pot, barbecue, etc., it will lead to excessive intake of calories, thus affecting the fitness effect, which is a waste of time. < / P > < p > therefore, during the fitness period, whether it is to increase muscle or reduce fat, we should strictly control diet, reduce calorie intake, and make food with low oil and salt, cooking way, do not eat high calorie food healthy eating habits, in order to improve the fitness efficiency. < / P > < p > during the fitness period, some people think that as long as I keep training, then the training effect will be better. But in fact, this approach is wrong, because the body’s endurance is limited, if the training time is too long, it is equivalent to overtraining, the body is particularly vulnerable to injury, and affect the fitness effect. Under normal circumstances, each fitness training time should not exceed 90 minutes, once the continuous training time is too long, the fitness effect will gradually decline, and the body is easy to be injured. Therefore, overtraining is also a kind of useless fitness behavior. < / P > < p > in the process of fitness, in addition to diet, the most fear is not having a good rest and staying up late for a long time. Because when our muscles exercise, the muscle fibers will be damaged, at the same time, the muscles will be repaired when we rest, especially in the process of sleeping at night, the recovery speed of muscles will be accelerated. If you stay up late for a long time, it will affect the recovery of muscles. < / P > < p > at the same time, during staying up late, the hormone secreted by our body will also be disordered, inhibiting the secretion of leptin, which has an impact on fat reduction. Therefore, in the fitness period, if you still have the habit of staying up late, then it is also a waste of time. HEALTHY LIFE