Four Misunderstandings of eugenics

It is the wish of every young father and mother to have a smart and healthy child. Birth itself is a wonderful and complicated process full of various unknown factors. < / P > < p > what kind of time should I choose for pregnancy? What should be prepared for the arrival of a new life? < / p the following are some suggestions for men and women who are < 24 years old. First of all, this is the most fertile period for people. At this time, the quality of sperm and eggs is better, which is conducive to the physical development of the next generation. Secondly, childbirth at this age is also conducive to the health, study and work of both husband and wife, so as not to be too nervous economically and energetically. < / P > < p > if the baby is born prematurely, a large amount of calcium in the mother’s body will be used to supply the growth and development of the fetus due to the incomplete calcification of the woman’s own skeleton, which is unfavorable to both sides. At the same time, the incidence of dystocia and pregnancy complications will increase. < p > < p > of course, too late is not good. Statistics show that the older pregnant women are more likely to have congenital malformations and congenitally stupid babies, and the chance of pregnancy complications is also increased. In addition, maternal age is too old, pelvic ligament elasticity and pelvic floor muscle tension decreased, will not be conducive to delivery. There may be different opinions on what season is the best for pregnancy. From a medical point of view, it is the most appropriate time to be pregnant from July to September, to pregnancy in October, and to give birth in April, may and June of the next year. This is because July to September is the turn of summer and autumn, and the weather is still hot, so people’s appetite is easily affected by the weather. At this time, the embryo is in the embryonic stage, which needs less nutrition and does not affect the development. When the embryo develops further, the time has entered autumn. The climate is warm and comfortable, sleep and appetite are not affected. A large number of fruits, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and poultry are on the market, which creates favorable conditions for pregnant women and fetuses to absorb various nutrients in time. At the same time, indoor air pollution has a significant impact on embryo teratogenesis in early pregnancy. If the first trimester of pregnancy is in the winter with serious indoor and outdoor air pollution, the relative risk of birth defects is significantly higher than that in other seasons. So it is better to avoid winter pregnancy, northern areas should pay more attention. The quality of fertilized eggs can be affected by the health status, nutrition and mental factors of both men and women during pregnancy. Therefore, we should carefully choose the time of pregnancy, and choose to be pregnant in the condition of good health, good mood and full of spirit. Before pregnancy, we should pay attention to diet nutrition, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits with high protein and vitamin, so as to provide “material” basis for fertility. At the same time, quit smoking and drinking 3 months in advance, especially on the day of pregnancy, drinking strong alcohol is strictly prohibited. Avoid pregnancy when the body and mind are extremely tired, the woman’s abortion less than 3 months should not be pregnant. < p > < p > pregnancy will aggravate the burden on all organs of the body. If there are chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, nephritis, heart disease, diabetes, etc., pregnancy will occur if the disease is not cured. The interaction between the original disease and pregnancy will aggravate the disease. Some chronic diseases can cause fetal growth retardation, even intrauterine death. Some infectious diseases, such as viral hepatitis, may occur intrauterine vertical transmission, burying hidden dangers for children’s future. Therefore, women with chronic diseases should be cured before pregnancy. The first three months of pregnancy are the most sensitive period of fetal teratogenesis. In this period, we should avoid the influence of all teratogenic factors, such as medication during pregnancy, X-ray examination, cold, etc. The premise of this is to diagnose pregnancy as early as possible and to be vigilant as early as possible, so as to avoid taking teratogenic drugs and taking X-ray to know that she is pregnant. Therefore, women who have regular menstruation and no contraception should think about the possibility of pregnancy once they stop menstruation and go to the hospital as early as possible. HEALTHY LIFE