Four schools in Xixia, Henan Province, illegally asked parents to buy designated teaching aids, and many were punished

On December 11, the media reported the situation of “reading materials on the Internet” in Xixia County, Henan Province. < / P > < p > after the fall of this year, the network media reported that “parents of students in the urban area of Xixia County went to the designated bookstores to buy teaching auxiliary books”. Through in-depth investigation and understanding by the provincial, municipal and county joint investigation group, the relevant facts have been found out. The relevant information is hereby reported as follows: < / P > < p > from September 5 to 6, some network media reported that “parents of students in the urban area of Xixia County purchase teaching auxiliary books in designated Bookstores”. According to the investigation, in order to increase the students’ workload, teachers of four schools in Xixia County, including No.1 middle school, No.2 Middle School, No.1 Primary School and No.3 primary school, suggested among parents and students that designated bookstores would purchase three kinds of teaching materials, which had a very bad impact on the society. This incident has seriously violated the relevant provisions of the state and our province on regulating the use and management of teaching auxiliary materials in primary and secondary schools and further reducing the heavy schoolwork burden of primary and secondary school students. The principal of Nanyang education bureau, Xixia County Education and Sports Bureau, Xixia County Central School and principals of the four schools involved in the incident are responsible for the improper management and ineffective supervision of the use and management of teaching auxiliary materials; the teachers involved have weak awareness of policies and regulations, and violate the relevant provisions of teaching materials, resulting in serious adverse effects. According to the spirit of the documents and other documents, the municipal and county education bureaus are required to give corresponding organizational and disciplinary treatment to the responsible persons of relevant units in accordance with relevant procedures, territorial principles and relevant provisions. First, the director of Xixia County Central School in Nanyang city was admonished and admonished. He and his unit were disqualified from the annual evaluation. Wang Mou, the vice president, wrote a profound examination. Second, the school principals Li, Bo, Tian and Qi were given a disciplinary warning within the party, and their qualification for annual evaluation was cancelled. The four Vice Principals yuan, Xu, Jin and Liu wrote a profound examination. Third, the teachers involved are handled by the school according to the rules and regulations, and the results are reported to the provincial and municipal education administrative departments for the record. The provincial education department interviewed the relevant responsible persons of Nanyang city and Xixia County Education Bureau, and Nanyang education bureau submitted a written inspection report to the provincial education department. All schools in the province should take Xixia County’s illegal purchase of designated teaching auxiliary materials as a warning, further improve their ideological understanding, draw lessons from one instance, draw inferences from one instance, conscientiously implement relevant regulations, strictly implement the “one teaching and one auxiliary” policy, compact the responsibilities of all levels in the use and management of teaching auxiliary materials, improve and refine supervision measures, and effectively reduce the students’ schoolwork burden, Conscientiously adhere to the rules and disciplines, standardize management, strengthen supervision, act in accordance with the rules and orders, and resolutely put an end to the recurrence of such incidents. < p > < p > 1. The purchase and use of teaching materials in primary and secondary schools should be voluntary. It is not allowed to order the materials in the form of any primary and secondary schools or any other departments. According to the actual situation of local education and the use of textbooks, according to the procedures of textbook selection, each edition of a discipline directly recommends one set of teaching auxiliary materials for each county or school for students’ selection from the directory of evaluation announcement of teaching auxiliary materials for primary and secondary schools in Henan Province. The recommended results of teaching materials at city and county level shall be reported to the Provincial Department of education for the record. If students voluntarily purchase the auxiliary teaching materials of primary and secondary schools listed in the provincial appraisal announcement and apply to the school to purchase them on their behalf, the school may purchase them on a unified basis, but shall not make profits from it. Other teaching materials should be purchased by students and parents themselves in the market. Schools are not allowed to order or provide purchasing services. No unit or individual is allowed to enter the school to publicize, recommend or sell any auxiliary teaching materials. Schools in all localities are not allowed to order teaching auxiliary materials through issuing units that do not have the qualification to issue textbooks for primary and secondary schools, prevent pirated teaching materials from flowing into the campus, and ensure that the evaluation policy of teaching aids is recognized and publicized in all parts of the province. Local education administrative departments and primary and secondary schools should vigorously publicize the national and provincial regulations on the selection and use of teaching books and auxiliary materials and relevant policy requirements, so as to truly make strict discipline known to everyone. Strengthen supervision and inspection. All localities should take advantage of the “double random and one open” inspection and the investigation of primary and secondary school teaching materials and auxiliary materials to carry out special cleaning and rectification activities of teaching books within the scope of all primary and secondary schools, further standardize the distribution, supervision and selection management of teaching books, and ensure the correct orientation of basic education and teaching and the security of ideological field. The Provincial Department of education will take the way of no notice and no greeting, and conduct a random inspection on the management of the selection and use of teaching materials and teaching auxiliary materials in primary and secondary schools in various places, and the inspection results will be made public to the public. < p > < p > 4. For units and individuals who violate relevant regulations, force schools or students to purchase teaching auxiliary materials in a disguised form, do not purchase on behalf of the regulations, or collect kickbacks from purchasing teaching auxiliary materials on behalf of students, the higher education administrative department shall order them to correct the violations and investigate the administrative responsibilities of relevant units and personnel in accordance with relevant provisions. For units or individuals who engage in publishing, printing, copying and distributing teaching auxiliary materials in primary and secondary schools in violation of regulations, the administrative department of press and publication shall order them to correct their illegal acts, impose administrative penalties according to law, and investigate the administrative responsibilities of relevant units and personnel in accordance with relevant provisions. If a crime is constituted, the judicial organ shall investigate the criminal responsibility according to law. Focus