Four signs are concentrated in the upper body, life expectancy may not be long, contrast to see, I hope you do not

With the improvement of living standards, our life expectancy is gradually getting longer. According to the survey, the average life expectancy in our country has reached 77 years old. But even so, there are some people who don’t live long. Today I’m going to talk to you about a sign that life may not be long. These people need to take good care of themselves.

especially for men, some people may have the habit of smoking. If you smoke regularly, the toxic substances in various parts of tobacco will affect the health of the bronchus, thus causing damage to the bronchial mucosa. If these mucosal lesions can not be repaired in time for a long time, it may lead to lung cancer. If smoking for a long time, it will stimulate the lungs and produce phlegm. Moreover, the lungs of such people are usually bad, so these people who often cough may have a shorter life span.

many people will consider anemia and hypotension when they have vertigo! However, for people who already have problems such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis, if they often have dizziness, headache and other symptoms recently, it may also be the manifestation of serious illness! As the cerebral arteries gradually harden and narrow, the blood supply to the brain is naturally affected. When in the peak blood pressure, patients may suddenly dizzy, or even fall to the ground, just a few seconds, a few minutes will recover. If the recent recurrence of vertigo, should be timely physical examination.

the greasy acne on the hair, scalp and face, many people think it is the cause of skin, in fact, it is caused by endocrine disorders. There are many factors leading to endocrine disorders, the most common are slow metabolism, irregular diet, long-term stay up, liver disease, etc., which will lead to endocrine disorders. The main reason of endocrine disorder caused by liver diseases is that the liver is the largest metabolic organ of human body. Once liver disease occurs, the body’s metabolic function will decline, thus breaking the internal and external balance, the accumulation of toxins in the body, leading to decreased resistance, endocrine disorders.

generally speaking, there are three factors leading to bad breath. The first is gastrointestinal diseases, the second is oral diseases, and the third is liver diseases. The stomach controls digestion. It goes without saying that there is something wrong with the intestines and stomach. Food accumulates in part of the stomach and produces bad breath. Our oral cavity is the portal of the digestive tract, and all food must enter our digestive system through the oral cavity. If we don’t pay attention to oral hygiene, it is easy to cause oral ulcer and halitosis. However, many people don’t understand why liver disease causes bad breath. As the saying goes, “heart to heart.”. Once the liver is damaged, the secretion of bile will inevitably decrease, and the digestion of food, bile is very important, bile reduction, natural indigestion, leading to food accumulation in the stomach. The main metabolism of the liver, liver disease metabolism will decline, ammonia in the body can not be metabolized out of the body, resulting in halitosis.

the doctor suggested that if the above situations happen, you’d better go to the hospital for detailed examination to better regulate your body. At the same time, for our health, daily life to develop a regular work and rest habits and eating habits, only in this way, we can ensure health and longevity. If we don’t eat on time for a long time, it will lead to gastric juice secretion disorder, which will affect the human intestinal health. In addition, if we stay up late for a long time and don’t rest on time, it will also cause endocrine system disorder, which will affect the normal work of organs. Focus