Four ways to reduce body fat rate, get rid of excess fat, and reduce weight back to double digits

And many people are also gradually lazy and lazy, resulting in more and more fat body. Obesity doesn’t just make you look bad, you dress ugly, it makes people laugh. < / P > < p > many people want to lose weight, but they don’t know how to do it scientifically and reasonably. During the weight loss period, in addition to control diet and adhere to exercise, what else need to pay attention to. < / P > < p > if you want to lose weight, you should first know that you should lose fat, not weight. You need to improve your body’s metabolic capacity, increase your body’s calorie consumption, and let your body burn more fat before you lose weight. < / P > < p > calorie control is not to make you over diet, but to reduce our usual high calorie food, such as hamburger, fried chicken, French fries and braised meat and other junk food, try not to eat or eat less, control the intake of calories. During the weight loss period, the daily intake of calories is 1300-1600 kcal. < / P > < p > usually, supplement protein from eggs, dairy products, lean beef and chicken, which can effectively supplement the protein content needed by the body. < / P > < p > in the process of consuming protein food, the body will consume more calories, so as to improve the metabolism and consumption of the body, and speed up your weight loss. < p > < p > fruits and vegetables are low in calories and rich in dietary fiber, which can promote the peristalsis of intestines and stomach, and improve the absorption and consumption capacity of the body. Eat more body can prevent constipation, but also can inhibit the accumulation of fat, effectively enhance their own sense of fullness. < / P > < p > it is recommended to eat more vegetables to help the body scrape fat, such as white gourd, balsam pear, broccoli and so on. Low oil and salt cooking is the main cooking method. < / P > < p > it doesn’t mean that you will lose weight once a week, at least 4 times a week, 45 minutes each time for moderate and low intensity exercise, and 20 minutes for high intensity exercise. < / P > < p > after a long time of lipid brushing, the muscles in the upper part of the body will be consumed, and the metabolism of the body will be decreased. And muscle improvement depends on strength training, such as squats, push ups, and lunge squat training can prevent muscle loss. < / P > < p > strength training at least three times a week can not only increase muscle, but also achieve the effect of shaping and reducing fat, but also improve the metabolic capacity of the body, so as to speed up the speed of weight loss. < / P > < p > our work and rest will directly affect the metabolism level of the body. If you always stay up late and go to bed late, the body will overdraft, endocrine disorder and metabolism will also decline. With the secretion of cortisol is too high, the speed of fat accumulation is accelerated, and the body is easy to get fat. 08/16/2020