Free influenza vaccination in Beijing started in the middle of this month

Beiqing – Beijing headline reporter learned from Beijing CDC on October 9 that free influenza vaccination for the elderly over 60 years old and primary and secondary school students in the city will be implemented in an organized manner in the middle of this month until November 30. Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, influenza vaccination this year was carried out in two ways: unified organization and advance appointment. Beijing Municipal Health Commission has produced and released the electronic map of vaccination sites, so that citizens can choose to make an appointment for vaccination nearby. Influenza vaccination at its own expense in the city started on September 25. As of yesterday, the total number of inoculations reached 105000. Influenza is a common respiratory infectious disease caused by influenza virus in autumn and winter. Influenza vaccination is the most effective way to prevent influenza. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a novel coronavirus pneumonia in the autumn and winter. The Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that this year’s influenza vaccination work had been fully launched at the end of September. The city continued the influenza vaccination policy started in 2007, and implemented free influenza vaccination for the elderly over 60 years old and primary and secondary school students in the city. According to the recommendation of the World Health Organization, it continued to encourage medical staff, school staff and other staff to actively receive influenza Vaccine: the elderly and high-risk groups should be vaccinated with influenza vaccine and pneumococcal vaccine to actively prevent respiratory infectious diseases in autumn and winter. < p > < p > this year, the free and self paid influenza vaccines used in this city are all selected in strict accordance with the national bidding and procurement procedures. The influenza vaccines include the trivalent and tetravalent vaccine recommended by the World Health Organization. Among them, the trivalent influenza vaccine can prevent influenza A (H1N1), H3N2 and b-bv, and the tetravalent influenza vaccine is in the above three categories On the basis of type, it also contains by type influenza virus immune antigen, which can prevent different types of influenza virus more comprehensively. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Health Commission, this year’s purchase of free influenza vaccine in the city has increased by 21% compared with that in 2019, and the amount of self paid vaccine procurement is 2.1 times of that of last year. Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control requirements were introduced to

city. CDC introduced two ways to prevent influenza vaccination in the United States and advance appointment in order to avoid the orderly deployment of vaccination sites and vaccination. For the population receiving free vaccination, the relevant responsible units shall organize the vaccination in batches and in different periods. Primary and secondary school students are organized by the school. With the consent of their parents, students can be vaccinated at school. Elderly people born in Beijing before December 31, 1960 are organized by the village / neighborhood committee to go to the influenza vaccination clinic to receive free vaccination with their valid ID card or social security card at the appointed time. The old people who have not been vaccinated with 23 valent pneumococcal vaccine within 5 years can get one dose of pneumococcal vaccine free of charge as long as they are 65 years old, which can prevent both influenza and pneumococcal diseases.

Beiqing Beijing headline reporter learned that people who have been vaccinated at their own expense need to make an appointment with the vaccination clinic in advance, and they can make an appointment by telephone reservation, on-site registration, WeChat official account and other network booking methods. Influenza vaccination at one’s own expense in this city has been launched on September 25. The public can make an appointment for vaccination before the end of February 2021. < / P > < p > to facilitate public vaccination, 446 free influenza vaccination sites and 480 self funded influenza vaccination sites have been set up in medical and health institutions in the city. Citizens can choose to make an appointment for vaccination nearby. If you need to inquire the address of vaccination clinic, you can call 12320 health and family planning hotline for consultation, or you can inquire on the website of Municipal Health Commission or Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention. The

City Health Protection Committee also produced a navigation electronic map for vaccination sites this year. The public can pay attention to the official WeChat official account of the city CDC, click the “vaccine map” in the menu bar, “influenza vaccination clinic”, choose the appropriate vaccination mode and inoculate sites. < / P > < p > the Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention reminded the public to follow the measures of epidemic prevention and control when vaccinating, and go to the vaccination according to the time period arranged by the vaccination clinic, so as to reduce the number of accompanying personnel and avoid staying in places where people gather. It is hoped that friends of the public will cooperate and abide by the epidemic prevention measures of “appointment system, wearing masks, one meter of noodles and washing hands frequently” to jointly maintain a safe environment for influenza vaccination. 08/16/2020