Fresh lemon mixed with cinnamon, sweet and tender, atelier Cologne

The French salon brand Atelier Cologne Europe long inherited the romantic and leisurely culture and individuality of France, blending emotion and art into the brand gene, and condensing the elegant and refreshing refined Cologne. On July 23, 2020, atelier Cologne, France’s oulong, presents a new fragrance of national style – “Gui Xiang YUEYE” (Sweet Osmanthus fragrans) with vigorous lemons interwoven with sweet osmanthus flowers. At the full moon of gengzi, you are invited to a sweet and romantic GUI Xiang engagement.

Atelier Cologne France’s new “osmanthus moon night” subverts the sweet fragrance of fresh osmanthus in the traditional impression. With the free vitality from lemon and the soft and gentle touch of osmanthus, Cologne interprets the love fireworks burst out at the moment of meeting between two different souls:

a young and fearless love, breaking through the shackles of the secular world, and playing in the floating fragrance of Osmanthus fragrans, Young lovers jump over the park fence and rush to each other’s secret garden. Following the faint scent of Osmanthus fragrans, we step into the garden path and look at the bright moon hand in hand under the osmanthus trees. The fragrance of lemon and osmanthus crisscross around us, just as they break through themselves by meeting each other, as if they are reborn again.

fresh Caragana interweaves to moisten osmanthus, making it sweet and tender. The first time I heard the sweet fragrance of “Osmanthus fragrans”, the fresh smell of lemon came to my face, exuding a strong sense of young vitality. Just like the moment of meeting a true love lover for the first time, I fell into a passionate and passionate love at one glance. Then, with the addition of Sweet Osmanthus fragrans, a mixture of apricot and peach sweetness and leather temperament, it brings a little sweetness and tenderness to the fresh lemon Because of this wonderful fusion, it has broken the traditional image of tenderness and smallness. The unique fruit fragrance balances the delicacy and softness of the flower fragrance, creating a subversive aesthetic feeling. Two kinds of breath crisscross, the faint fragrance floats, is full of bright tenderness, just like the romantic love between lovers, contains the romantic love in the little moment of life; finally, the cold cedar comes slowly, long and long, just like the eternal faith of spending the rest of life with the deeply loved one, and treasures the lingering charm of the love upsurge in the calm time.

in this golden autumn, atelier Cologne, France, has launched a new “osmanthus moon night” to inject a trace of vitality into oulong smell radio station. Let the “sweet osmanthus moonlit night” awaken the brave and fearless power of life in your heart, and engrave those ardent love that is not afraid of the secular world. In the future, France’s oulong will join hands with the lyricist Fang Wenshan to compose a new Chinese style movement, and invite people who love fragrance from all over the world to start a romantic journey of interweaving music and fragrance.