From a scientific point of view, which one is more susceptible to freezing death or heat death?

“Heat death” and “freezing death” are two words that we often blurt out in hot summer and cold winter. But have you ever thought about what it’s like to really die from heat and freeze? Which is more comfortable than the two? Let’s analyze this problem from a scientific point of view. < / P > < p > human is a kind of constant temperature animal. In general, the temperature range of human body is between 36 ℃ and 37 ℃. When the temperature of human body exceeds 40 ℃, there will be life danger. Of course, this is just body temperature. Because the human body has the ability to regulate body temperature, the body temperature will not change with the change of the environment. However, this is not absolute. When a person is in a high temperature environment for a long time, the body’s regulating system will have problems, and the body’s temperature will rise at this time. < / P > < p > scientists have done a person’s high temperature resistance experiment. The experiment shows that in a dry and high temperature environment, with the increase of temperature, the endurance time gradually becomes shorter. When the ambient temperature is 106 ℃, people can only persist for 26 minutes. The following is the comparison of simplified temperature and time: 93:33, 82:49, 71:60. It can be seen from the experimental data that people can persist for 1 hour at 71 ℃. However, it should be stated that this temperature is in a dry environment. If it is in water, people will be “cooked” very quickly. < / P > < p > people in the continuous high temperature, the first is the continuous sweating. The continuous discharge of sweat can take away the body’s excess heat and keep the body temperature at a relatively stable state. At this stage, people will sweat like rain. I believe most of our partners have experienced this experience in summer. The operation of organs and tissues in the human body is also inseparable from water. However, continuous high temperature makes sweat glands work continuously, so the water molecules in a cell in our body will also be separated, which will lead to the second stage: dehydration. Dehydration can cause electrolyte disorder in the body, leading to collapse. With the degree of dehydration aggravating, people will be dry skin, to collapse, and then to the body convulsion, and finally to coma. However, the external high temperature will not stop because of coma. Therefore, the person in coma will eventually die due to the continuous coagulation of blood in the body and organ failure. Of course, this is a relatively long process, during which the human body will have different degrees of reaction, and the pain will increase with the increase of time. However, as early as 50 or 60 years ago, many people died of freezing every year, especially during the Spring Festival. At that time, when people went out to visit relatives, they either rode bicycles or walked. Because people in those days lacked clothes and wore less, they could not help drinking too much. On the way home, many people would sleep in the ditch beside the road. When their families found them, many people froze to death. In cold environment, people can produce heat through exercise to resist severe cold, while in hot environment, exercise can obviously accelerate human death. When people can’t run, it is the beginning of the real “freezing death”. The reason why people are frozen to death is also because of changes in body temperature. < / P > < p > dehydration occurs when the body temperature rises, and “hypothermia” occurs when the body temperature drops. Hypothermia usually begins when the body temperature is lower than 35 ℃. At first, the human body’s reaction is shivering, hands and feet are cold. At this time, the beating frequency of the heart and blood pressure are reduced. After that, the skin exposed to the outside world will gradually lose consciousness. < / P > < p > at that time, because the temperature of the external environment did not change, the temperature of people would continue to drop. When the body temperature drops below 34 ℃, people will have hallucinations, the most common phenomenon is “anti stripping phenomenon”. Anti stripping is a phenomenon in which people who are frozen to death take off their clothes, shoes and socks. This is because when the body temperature is extremely low, people’s temperature regulation center is disordered. In short, cold is regarded as heat. Of course, once there is anti stripping phenomenon, people will die in a very short time. < / P > < p > from the process of freezing death and heat death, both methods have a painful process, but I think freezing death is more comfortable. Because, the whole process of heat death is accompanied by pain, and in the process of freezing death, once the temperature of the human body is lower than 34 ℃, there will be excitement, hallucinations and “cold feeling hot” and other phenomena. Before dying, it is better to be able to get excited, imagine, and get the warmth of consciousness. However, this is only a conclusion of comparing the two methods of death. In reality, we will not choose the above two methods of death. We should cherish life and follow the survival law of birth, aging and death. Focus