From a thin boy to a fitness blogger, it’s not that he chose fitness, but a doctor’s word

Born in 1998, many young people are at the age of reading and job hunting. This boy from Estonia has become popular on social platforms with amazing momentum and has gained millions of fans in a short time. < p > < p > David was diagnosed with scoliosis when he was a child, and began to work out in order to improve his posture. The beginning is the unarmed family training, through the simple movement to strengthen the body strength. < p > < p > in the face of tough barbells and iron plates, little Ryder did not shrink back. Although his body is thin, slender limbs, no muscle and strength to speak of, in hard pull, bench push are trying to seek a breakthrough. For those who don’t like it, carrying weight is painful, but for David, it’s a pleasant process to be able to change thin and strong. With the accumulation of training, the thin body began to appear obvious muscle lines. In the later training, different from the muscle surging net red, David took the “bodybuilding + strength lifting” route of kg barbell hard pulling. You know, with his height of 188CM and leg length, such a hard pull result is really not easy. < / P > < p > of course, he chose sumo hard pull, which is more suitable for long lower limb trainers, because it does not need the traditional hard pull for the regulation of hip angle and back angle, and the pull-up stroke is shorter, and the load on the back is lower, which is a common hard pull mode of strength lifting. At the same time, David keeps his body fat low all the year round, and his muscle lines are clear, which is more in line with ordinary people’s cognition of body aesthetics. With his handsome appearance and muscular figure, David has signed up to become one of the spokesmen of gymshark. Every time David appears in the exhibition, he will cause fans to scream, and is also a spiritual example for many thin and weak boys to start fitness. < / P > < p > with the same practice for a month, your barbell bench push may improve by 10kg, but the bending lift can only improve by 2.5kg. It is not your strength problem, but the income of the action itself is different. < / P > < p > select the movements that can recruit multiple muscle groups, find your own comfortable training mode in the early stage, set goals in the later stage, increase the weight regularly, and constantly force the body to adapt to the training with greater load. < / P > < p > unarmed training increases weight-bearing, and the weight is antagonistic to the direction of your movement: push ups, for example, load on your back, which makes you harder to push up; and pull-up is the load on the lower part of the body, which makes it harder for you to pull up. < / P > < p > with these complex movements, you can arrange other isolated training actions for different muscle groups to ensure the coordinated development of body muscle strength and avoid short board effect. There is a theory of talent in fitness, just like other sports. During the same two years of training, some people can push up to 100kg, while others can only push 60kg at most; with the same diet training, some people have good muscle strengthening effect, while others have poor lines. < / P > < p > there are many people with strong fitness talents who have developed good muscles and are willing to show their training results. They despise the system and plan of professional training and think that fitness is nothing more than this. But ordinary people really practice in their way, maybe they will give up the fitness tomorrow because of their shoulder injury. < / P > < p > the same hip training action, pelvic forward leaning girls just can’t find the sense of force, how to adjust? The same curved lift, like to raise the shoulder of the boy can not find the contraction feeling, how to do? What we need is to find and solve the problem, and then find our own suitable action mode, arrange the plan reasonably, and make progress step by step. It’s not a simple “practice with me, you can do it.”. From frail to muscular, David Ryder has achieved the evolution from a thin man to a muscular man, with the dual attack of body and will, which can be called an inspirational model. Now he has also harvested his love partner, two people have similar interests, in the gym has become a bright scenery. < / P > < p > without years of training and persistence, David may just be a handsome guy in the crowd, but he won’t have such outstanding achievements and great influence in the global fitness field. Focus