From an ugly duckling to a white swan, Shen Mengchen said: the fundamental way to whiten your face is to wash your face well

Since watching it, mianmianmian really loves Shen Mengchen deeply. But since the dream Chen elder sister withdraws the competition, can’t see that funny, the active atmosphere treasure girl any more.

never seen by the public, and then expected by thousands of people. It has to be said that Mengchen, born as a host, has made a lot of efforts to this end, including “Shen Mengchen Su Yan re search” to “Shen Mengchen whole body powder”.

from the bottom of the public to the bright white little princess, the girl chooses to make complaints about the small bits of the toes and ears after she gets to the stage.

any sister who has seen it must have had a profound influence on Shen Mengchen’s skin color. If you blink an eye, you can feel the same skin color as the soldiers behind you.

it’s hard to say that the big black face is still glossy. It’s no wonder why Mengchen is powdered every time she comes out of the camera and can see with the naked eye.

if it’s not for the Chinese style aesthetic that takes white as beauty, it’s no wonder that girls will make a lot of efforts to become white. However, u1s1, for Asian women born with yellow and black skin color, whitening is absolutely a lifelong pursuit.

it is said that a white cover a hundred ugliness, as long as a person becomes white, his appearance will immediately be three degrees higher, and he will become a goddess in minutes. Whether it is a female star or we ordinary people, want to metamorphosis, we have to start from the skin color.

if you talk about whitening, most people will first think of all kinds of whitening facial mask and whitening essence, and the people who really walk this way will know how important it is to exfoliate.

no, with the method of exfoliation, Mengchen also tried to wash her face with white vinegar. In order to expose a new layer of skin by burning the cuticle with white vinegar, it will look whiter, but it is too irritating for the skin and will damage the first layer of skin, so it is totally impossible!

so for exfoliation, we should pay attention to certain methods. After all, it will be difficult to recover if it is damaged in the process of exfoliation. To say Shen Mengchen the most reliable whitening method, that is to wash the face well.

especially now the weather is so hot, the dust and grease accumulated every day. Undoubtedly, the most greasy part of the day must be the face, so we must not be careless about cleaning.

many sisters have no idea about washing their faces. They think it’s good to use them casually, as long as they can wash them clean. But always a careless skin to wash bad, if not to say that many sisters always wash oily face into sensitive muscles, it is not unreasonable.

not only is the product state different, but also its use method is very different. When using cleansing honey, wet wet face, use a pump of cleansing honey in palm, and then use a little water to knead out the thick and rich foam, and collocation with blister.

in summer, it’s just like a face with bubble water, especially after a whole day of heavy make-up, the whole face is instantly released, not to mention how cool it is.

in order to achieve the ultimate product strength, it adopts triple pure amino acid system formula, which can not only adsorb the oil dirt on the skin surface and the makeup residue, but also penetrate into the pores to absorb the dirt deep in the pores.

we should know that potassium lauroyl sarcosine is also a parent component of amino acid surface active world. It not only improves the fusion degree of amino acid system, but also has good solubilization, foaming and wetting ability, and reduces the skin damage caused by irritant components in the detergent formula.

there are also coconut oil acylglutamic acid ingredients, which can keep the skin moist and full while being cleaned. Even if it is used for a long time, it will not hurt the skin. It is no wonder that Shen Mengchen said that the most important first step of whitening is to wash the face well.

when you see here, do you all know what this facial cleanser is? It is the “amino acid facial cleanser” of the makeup hall.

in addition, six skin nourishing ingredients are added. Centella asiatica, cherry blossom, Lactobacillus, sweet orange peel oil, lemon oil and grapefruit peel oil. The faint orange flavor in the foam comes from here.

multi amino acid cleanser, plus all kinds of natural ingredients, makes the natural acidity and alkalinity of the foam match the skin pH. So there is no need to worry about whether it will affect human skin, plus zero fragrance zero pigment zero alcohol zero heavy metal Zero preservative zero soap, even the sensitive muscles and pregnant girls can rest assured.

a lot of sisters are always trying all kinds of folk recipes or products that boast of rapid whitening in order to whiten, but they always have no improvement. Even because of using the wrong cleansing method or using the wrong product to stimulate the surface of the skin, so in the selection of whitening products must be careful, there is a need for whitening sisters, might as well try this liquid facial cleanser by facial whitening! Focus