From birth examination to childbirth, natural childbirth, these three embarrassing circumstances can not be avoided, the maternal calls too shameful

It’s not easy to have a baby. It’s not only the pain of contractions and pains, like the breaking of 12 bones in the body at the same time. At the time of giving birth, Xiao Li was already 27 years old, and she was only pregnant after a year’s marriage at the age of 26. Pregnant Xiaoli is very careful to carry out pregnancy, Xiaoli physical fitness is not very good, for this hard-earned child, Xiaoli is particularly happy. In a twinkling of an eye, ten months have come, Xiao Li’s stomach is also particularly big, about to give birth. < / P > < p > with a few days to go before the due date of delivery, Xiao Li’s mother-in-law told Xiao Li to wear a wide skirt these days instead of tights. Xiao Li was very confused. She didn’t understand why her mother-in-law said so until she gave birth. Why should I wear a skirt instead of pants in those days of the due date? In addition, what preparations should be made for natural delivery of pregnant women? What kind of embarrassment do you face? < p > < p > in the case of natural labor, the child comes out of the vagina of the lower body of the pregnant woman, and the doctor helps deliver the baby, so it is definitely not allowed to wear pants. In the delivery room when the delivery bed, the first maternal will be asked to take off their pants, convenient for doctors to operate. Most obstetricians are male doctors. In fact, doctors are also physical work, which requires long standing and high concentration of energy. Male doctors have better physical strength. But women always feel shy and embarrassed when facing male doctors. And it’s not just that before they have sex with men, there’s more than that. < / P > < p > a woman’s cervix needs to be opened to four fingers before she can give birth. In order to check the opening of women’s uterine orifice, doctors usually cover their fingers with gloves to check, which makes many women feel at a loss. < / P > < p > for women who give birth, their bodies feel so much pain that they can’t control other parts of their bodies. At this time, if not careful, there is no way to control the bladder and anus, can not help urination. For women, it’s a shame. < / P > < p > for women, it’s embarrassing. However, for doctors, this is a common thing, is a very normal and common phenomenon, doctors do not regard the special situation of patients as a thorny thing, but very calm to deal with it. < p > < p > therefore, mothers should not feel embarrassed. Doctors have dealt with a lot of embarrassing situations similar to their own. Believe in the doctor’s experience and ability to deal with it, and give yourself to the doctor. < / P > < p > when women produce, they have to face a lot of pressure. At this time, they should not add so much ideological burden to themselves. Be psychologically prepared, respond easily, and focus on production itself. < / P > < p > have a basic understanding of the basic production process and the things to be faced in natural production in advance, so that in the face of all kinds of embarrassing situations, it will be more natural to deal with them. < / P > < p > maternal childbirth, the test is not the maternal alone, but the whole family behind the maternal. Family members need to prepare for maternal production in advance and deal with all kinds of emergencies. Especially the husband, at this time show responsible quality, will let the maternal production more comfortable, avoid the occurrence of postpartum depression. < / P > < p > the husband can prepare the clothes to be changed for the puerpera in advance, so as to help the puerpera to carry out the basic nursing care after delivery. In the production of the expected date before the arrival of maternity to buy a good production to wear clothes, the best is a loose and wide skirt. Husband at this time to take good care of maternal, will bring a great sense of happiness. In the hospital, the most envious maternity is not the richest, but after childbirth, the husband takes care of the maternal in person. < / P > < p > some lying in women may find themselves too embarrassed. Therefore, in the face of the requirements of medical staff, they dally. In fact, the requirements of medical staff are all for the sake of maternal health. For medical staff, this is the normal work every day, and it is not a strange thing. Compared with the awkward tardiness, it is better to cooperate with the medical staff quickly. < / P > < p > giving birth to a child is very hard work, and all kinds of embarrassing things encountered in the process of childbirth test the mentality of pregnant women. We must maintain a stable mentality and face production with ease. We should not add pain and embarrassment to the already hard production process. Information sharing for epilepsy patients