From pregnancy to childbirth, it is easy to get fat in three months. Mothers to be are optimistic about the time to control their weight

Often envy some female stars after pregnancy is still so thin, but to their own here like a changed person, not common their people almost can not recognize. < / P > < p > I thought that I could lose weight after giving birth to a child, but when I was in confinement, my mother’s food was too good. After giving birth to the child, she lost more than ten kilograms and came back again. For this reason, Xiaoyu has been worried about it all the time, and then she asks people everywhere whether it is normal? < p > < p > the results showed that the weight gain of Baoma was less than that of Baoma, but most of them didn’t care about the change of their own weight, because they cared more about the health of their babies. < / P > < p > it is recommended that mothers to be gain 25-30kg during the whole pregnancy period, and 20-25kg for those who are relatively fat. < / P > < p > at this time, in order to ensure that Taibao can absorb nutrition, they will eat it constantly. However, the fetus can not absorb such a large amount of heat at this time, so it will become the meat of the mother to be. < / P > < p > the stomach is uncomfortable in the second trimester of pregnancy. It is not easy to wait until the fetus gradually enters the basin in the third trimester, leaving more space for the stomach. At this time, the mother to be will feel very hungry. The period of confinement is the most likely period for us to gain weight, because we don’t have enough exercise at this time, and we have to eat a lot of nutritious things every day to supplement our body and milk. < / P > < p > if you gain too much weight during pregnancy, it will increase the physical burden of expectant mothers, and make low back pain, pubic pain, leg pain and other conditions more severe, which makes it difficult for us to bear. < / P > < p > expectant mothers are prone to pregnancy syndrome during pregnancy. The more obese the expectant mothers are, the more obvious these symptoms will be, such as hypertension and heart problems, increasing the risk of pregnancy and childbirth. < / P > < p > at the same time, it is also a very dangerous condition for the fetus. If the mother to be eats too much and gains too much weight, the weight of the fetus will also increase. Too much weight gain during pregnancy will make it difficult to give birth. Although the body is bigger and stronger, it is easy to lose strength during natural labor. And lying down after abdominal fat is easy to oppress the fetus, dangerous. Cesarean section is also very troublesome, because it is necessary to take out the fetus by knife edge during cesarean section, and the thick fat will block the doctor’s sight and increase the difficulty of operation. < / P > < p > how many treasure mothers are waiting for birth to lose weight. Imagine if you gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, you need to make more efforts to lose fat after childbirth. Home