From pregnancy to confinement, these three stages are most likely to gain weight, and it is difficult to thin down after birth

For pregnant women with normal weight before pregnancy, the weight gain during the whole pregnancy is between 23-32 Jin.

many women begin to eat a lot after they are pregnant, for fear that the health of their baby will be affected because of the lack of nutrition. But after giving birth to a baby, she was silly. The baby was only 6 or 7 Jin, but she had grown 30 or 40 Jin of meat.

in the face of these extra pounds, many Baoma mothers have to join the army of postpartum weight loss, but the results are often unsatisfactory, and they can’t be reduced.

Mengmeng was 32 years old before she became pregnant. The whole family was very excited about this, especially Meng Meng’s mother-in-law. Since knowing that Mengmeng is pregnant, her mother-in-law almost comes to their home every day to cook and cook soup for Mengmeng.

in less than a month, Mengmeng gained more than ten kilograms. Although the pregnant mother was also worried about her weight, it was difficult to say no to her mother-in-law, who changed her cooking patterns every day.

after giving birth to the baby, Mengmeng gained nearly 36 Jin. Even the doctor said that she had put on too much weight. I wanted to eat my baby like before.

but Meng Meng’s mother-in-law said that Meng Meng is breast-feeding now, and weight loss will definitely have an impact on her baby’s ration. She still insists on cooking soup for her every day, which is even better than before, making her mother’s mouth difficult.

this is the first trimester of pregnancy. The baby is only the size of bean sprouts at this time. For such a small baby, they don’t need much meat.

in this period, they are mainly developing nerves. In this period, compared with eating some nutriments and tonic soup, Baoma should take some vitamins and folic acid according to the doctor’s advice.

after 30 weeks of gestation, the baby does not have a great demand for long meat. At this time, it is only necessary to adhere to the quantitative supplement of fish, eggs, milk and vegetables, instead of eating it violently.

once the baby grows rapidly again, it is likely to increase the difficulty of delivery. Even cesarean section will be more difficult because of increased abdominal fat, and it will be even more difficult to lose weight after childbirth.

many Baoma mothers think that they can finally start to lose weight after giving birth, but they don’t know that there is a longer “lactation period” waiting for them.

it is necessary to supplement nutrition during the period of confinement, but we should also make reasonable planning. We should not eat too greasy, especially various kinds of tonic soup, which not only grows meat, but also affects breast milk and is not conducive to milking.

if you are a natural birth mother, you can start to lose weight slowly after giving birth, but if you are a cesarean section, you should wait at least 3 months before starting to lose weight.

sports: many pregnant mothers do some high-intensity sports immediately after their birth, but in fact, candy mothers don’t recommend it.

if a pregnant mother thinks she has good physical fitness, she can also do some postpartum weight-loss exercises. But pay attention to the length of time, especially when the first month.

diet: adhere to the intake of high protein food and vitamins, but also reduce the intake of starch and fat. In particular, desserts and milk tea drinks are contraband of breast-feeding weight loss.

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