From the deep pile driver to the strong pole drill!

To compete with the master, legs must be indispensable, squatting so much, squatting so heavy, there is no satisfactory effect? Wrong leg or wrong squat? “Transform” one’s own bamboo leg, no longer need to hide it.

training is such a reality. It’s just a squat. Some of our partners are better than others. Some of us are always lagging behind. We can sum up the skills of excellent people and let you really know how to squat.

the common range of motion in squat is squatting until the hamstring meets the calf muscle. However, this is a general description, not for everyone.

this is a general skill model. During the operation, it is slightly different due to different hip structure and limb length ratio. When you squat to the lowest point of the range, if you do not do “buttock blink”, you can’t squat deeper; if squatting produces buttock blink, then this point to the lowest point of squat will have spinal curvature.

if the training goal is to build the main muscle groups of the lower body, it is a good training method. It requires squatting in a controllable state, keeping a consistent movement path, and starting the next action by mobilizing the correct muscles. Pause only at the highest point long enough to readjust the core. But don’t be too long, or it will be a rest if the time is longer! The squat process is recommended to be 2-3 seconds, and the squat up process takes 1-2 seconds, depending on the weight-bearing used and the degree of muscle fatigue. Focus