Fruit eats much, also can induce cancer? Which fruits should be blacklisted?

Fruit has almost become a panacea in people’s health awareness. It is true that eating some fruit every day can indeed supplement the vitamins needed by the body. It can be said that it is a kind of food suitable for all ages. Moreover, an apple a day keeps doctors away from me.

but some fruits, not only do not have high nutritional value, but also affect the health of the body if you eat too much, so you should try to eat less or not. After all, there are many delicious and healthy fruits in the world. Why choose this kind of fruit which is harmful to your health.

many people have eaten peaches, and there are many kinds of peaches, such as corpus luteum, nectarines, nectarines, etc., and their nutritional value is also very high. But among them, there is a traitor, carambola, which seems not so friendly to human beings.

if you try carambola for the first time, you may be attracted by its unique appearance, like a flower. It must be very delicious. In fact, it is not. In many cases, carambola is sour. If people with renal dysfunction eat this strange shaped carambola, it is likely to have a series of uncomfortable symptoms, mild hiccups and vomiting; Severe shock, even death.

it turns out that the toxin in carambola is making trouble. This toxin can not only stimulate the nerves, but also increase the burden on the kidney. If healthy people eat it, and the amount is not large, they can excrete the toxin in a short time. However, if people with abnormal kidney metabolism eat it, it will not be so easy to excrete the toxin from the body, and finally it will be easy to create It is toxic.

apple is originally a very healthy fruit, but some bad businesses will try their best to increase the luster of their apples in order to pursue a better appearance of their own apples. They do not hesitate to put wax on the apples. After waxing, not only the appearance of apples is improved, but also it is conducive to the preservation of apples. Some microorganisms can not corrode the apples Fruit.

if the wax does not harm the human body, it is fine for businesses to do so. However, many businesses use industrial wax, which contains a lot of heavy metal substances, and it is relatively difficult to clean up. If you eat a large amount of wax, it will cause certain harm to the respiratory tract.

but it’s not to suggest that you don’t eat fruit any more. If you are so healthy, you should always eat them. If you are afraid to buy apples with industrial wax, you can soak them in water for a while before eating them, or peel them directly.

tomatoes can be said that even if a fruit is also a vegetable, it does not affect its sour and sweet taste, but when buying or eating, we must pay attention to avoid eating immature tomatoes, because tomatoes often contain solanine when they are not ripe. This substance will cause poisoning after eating into the stomach, such as Vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

there is also a kind of fruit which has been recognized as a first-class carcinogen by the authority, but there is still a considerable number of people in pursuit, that is, betel nut. Eating betel nut is generally put in the mouth to chew. Chewing betel nut for a long time will not only cause some dental diseases, but also greatly increase the risk of oral cancer.

there are two main reasons why betel nut can cause oral cancer. First of all, its fibrous tissue will damage the oral tissue of human body during chewing. Secondly, it also contains arecolin, which has certain carcinogenicity. Therefore, some people who eat betel nut for a long time may be unable to open their mouth at the end of the day, which is not far away from oral cancer.

to sum up, not all fruits can be beneficial to health, and even healthy fruits should be eaten with a certain degree. Therefore, no matter when you buy or when you eat, you should leave more snacks. Pets