Fruit elder sister postpartum basks in light to be mocked: “how can a woman so indulge in body?” Did you eat your rice?

A lot of famous celebrities on the Internet to expose their postpartum beauty, and most ordinary people, to see themselves and such a big gap between the appearance, the pressure is huge. < p > < p > a few days ago, Katy Perry, a well-known actress in the world, showed her five days postpartum appearance on the social platform. In the photo, she was wearing a breast-feeding dress and maternity pants, showing her still big belly, and mocking herself that her makeup and hair state was “exhausted”. < p > < p > before she got pregnant, she was often praised for her sexy figure. However, after she got pregnant, she often shared her life photos on the social platform. This time, she published her postpartum photos, which were commented by some netizens: the postpartum state is too bad! < / P > < p > “is there a” most disgusting pregnancy and postpartum body competition? If there is, Kati Perry is way ahead. ” “How can a woman indulge her body so much?” “Is this the end of life? Is she pregnant with twins? The second child is still in her stomach “A woman who used to be extremely sexy is now a boring mother.” < / P > < p > I don’t know why netizens make such comments on a woman’s figure. It’s the freedom of others to show their own body shape during pregnancy and after childbirth. Moreover, the body is born. The body changes during pregnancy and after childbirth are normal conditions in the process of pregnancy. It’s better if you don’t like it or not. There is no need to attack. Besides, some of these attacks are full of The kidnapping of women’s bodies. < / P > < p > “finally, there is such an influential celebrity who has the courage to show his real appearance after giving birth to a child!” “She’s a big help for all women to see what women really look like after childbirth, rather than the women who have been photographed in bikini for a week.” < p > < p > because the selfie of sister fruit seems to tell all the girls, “you are not alone”, and all the boys, what is the truth, and what women pay when they undertake the responsibility of childbirth. What is body shape? Some netizens defined it as “expressing any form of inappropriate negative comments or attitudes towards others or their own weight, body size or appearance”. < p > < p > Gong Li, who has always been known as the “emperor of Gong”, has won public praise for her works and awards. However, a few daily photos of her and her husband have made her fall into a situation of group ridicule. Many people are incredible at her photos. Is this fat man the beautiful Gong Li? More articles directly ridiculed her as “like a mother.”.

shows a pair of talk show sisters, Yan Yan Yue, who make complaints about the female’s figure in a program. It seems that managing the body is a must. If women get fat, they will not even manage their own figure. They do not pay attention to image, self-discipline, or positive progress. Zhang Wei also pointed out that fashion is the aesthetic of a small number of people. They have formulated some fashion standards, such as editors in chief of some magazines. They let fashion pursuers follow their aesthetic standards. They said that women must be thin enough to look good, but they may not like women at all. < / P > < p > if for ordinary people, overweight means unhealthy, then we can lose weight in order to choose health, but for Baoma, who has experienced pregnancy and childbirth, there is no reason to dislike their body. < p > < p > the pregnancy process can be said to be a great test of women’s ability to accept their own body. In the face of changes such as body deformation, pregnancy marks, and skin darkening, female friends are afraid that they will become ugly and their husbands will dislike them. < p > < p > after giving birth to a child, zhonghailan is afraid to see the emperor because he saw the pregnancy marks left after giving birth to the baby. After seeing it, the emperor really disliked it. Hailan said that it was not suitable to stay in bed, and he also saw clearly the essence of the emperor as a pig’s hoof. < / P > < p > but in real life, not all women are lucky enough to avoid these problems perfectly, and there is no change after giving birth to a child and before. < / P > < p > I believe that many mothers are looking forward to when someone will reveal the truth. This is the normal postpartum body, so as to avoid all people having unrealistic expectations and making women who really accept the reality feel inferior and nervous. It’s fine to pursue beauty in people’s life, but we should also learn to accept the truth. As a woman, in the face of the body that can’t be restored in time after childbirth, there is no need to feel inferior and learn to accept yourself. As a man, we should be more tolerant of the women who accept their own figure and bravely expose themselves. HEALTHY LIFE