Fudan Jiang Shibo team developed a new mRNA crown vaccine

In this study, liposome nanoparticles encapsulated with mRNA encoding 331-524aa of sars-cov-2 receptor binding region were synthesized as vaccine candidates for vaccine evaluation. The results show that the new candidate vaccine can < / P > < p > when the scientific research team led by Professor Jiang Shibo proposed the concept of RBD of receptor binding region for the first time, and carried out long-term research on RBD. In particular, in the field of coronavirus, several important papers related to SARS CoV and mers cov were published, which laid an important foundation for the new viral drugs and vaccines targeting RBD. < / P > < p > after the outbreak of the new coronal epidemic, the team quickly carried out research on RBD, and comprehensively analyzed the biological characteristics of sars-cov-2 RBD. This study demonstrated that RBD could be used as a target for the study of sars-cov-2 mRNA vaccine. < / P > < p > in vitro study, the expression of RBD – and S1 mrna-lnp was firstly proved. The expression of RBD mRNA LNP was proved by inserting mCherry tag into n-short and transfecting into various cell lines from human, monkey and bat. The stability of RBD mRNA LNP was better than that of S1 mRNA LNP. In < / P > < p > mouse immune research, researchers comprehensively evaluated the humoral immune response. First of all, the new RBD mRNA vaccine can effectively induce follicular helper T cells, follicular helper T cells, germinal center B cells, plasma cells / antibody secreting cells. TFH cells migrate to the B-cell region of the lymph node, where they interact with B cells to produce germinal centers, where B cells produce and release high affinity antibodies specific to pathogens. The production of < / P > < p > antibody is an important part of adaptive immune response and an important indication of vaccine effectiveness. In humoral immune response, RBD specific IgG, IgG subclass and sars-cov-2 neutralizing antibody were analyzed. Compared with S1 mrna-lnp, RBD mrna-lnp can effectively induce high levels of specific and neutralizing antibodies, and maintain a stable level for more than two months. The immune serum can effectively inhibit the binding of sars-cov-2rbd protein with receptor cells, which proves the anti-virus infection ability induced by the vaccine. In the aspect of cellular immune response, it can effectively stimulate the body to produce RBD specific Th1 CD4 + and CD8 + T cell immune responses. At the same time, the immune effects of different immune routes and doses were compared. Dr. Tai Wanbo and Dr. Zhang Xiujuan are the co first authors of the paper. Jiang Shibo, Fudan University, Lanying Du, New York Blood Center, is the co-author of the paper. The study was funded by the National Institutes of health and the New York Blood Center. 2