Fuyang, Anhui Province: two public officials suspended

On September 28, the Education Bureau of Yingdong District, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, announced that on the evening of September 27, some Internet media reported that “a student in the Central Primary School of yanglouzi town in Yingdong district had dumped the nutritious meal.”. In this regard, Yingdong district Party committee and government attached great importance to it, and quickly established a joint investigation group led by the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision to conduct investigation and verification. After investigation, the things reported on the Internet are true. What it reflects is the school’s lunch on September 25. The recipe is “Fuyang traditional steamed noodles”: 150g noodles, 50g shredded chicken, 150g celery, 150g soybean sprouts, 2G agaric, and a laver egg soup, which meets the relevant standards.

the main reason why a small number of students throw away the leftover noodles is that the school’s implementation of nutrition meal management regulations is not strict enough, and the individual needs of students are not fully considered on the day of serving and serving. On the afternoon of September 28, according to the investigation of the joint investigation group, the Party group of the District Education Bureau instructed the main responsible persons of the central school and the Central Primary School of yanglouzi town to make a deep inspection, and suspended the two public servants who were directly responsible for the Central Primary School. In the next step, the District Education Bureau will check the supply of nutritious meals in full coverage, urge schools to strengthen the management of nutrition meal supply, effectively improve the meal supply, meet the diversified dining needs of students, and strive to make students eat well and reduce waste. HEALTHY LIFE