“Game” is the right way to open children’s sports

Recently, the negative list of national children’s football activities has been released, which forbids formal football matches, children’s football grade examination, adult, professional and primary school football training and other measures, which have attracted many netizens’ praise. At the same time, it has also caused some public questions and thoughts about children’s sports, such as “what should children’s sports practice” and “do not want to compete?”. < p > < p > on these issues, Wang Dengfeng, director of the Department of sports health and art education of the Ministry of education and director of the office of the national youth campus football work leading group, made a detailed elaboration on these issues at the recent 2020 national campus football work video conference. < p > < p > about 30 years ago, Wang Dengfeng read an article on: in May 1987, 75 Nobel Prize winners gathered in Paris. One of the Nobel laureates was asked, “which university did you learn the most important thing?” “In kindergarten,” he replied calmly The kindergarten is the most important starting point for one’s growth. In Wang Dengfeng’s opinion, what he learned in kindergarten is very common, basic and very important in life. “We often say that we should not lose at the starting line, which in a sense is what we learned in kindergarten. Today’s talk about the development of campus football or school sports, including children’s football and other children’s sports activities, is highly related to what kind of quality, ability, technology and way to cultivate children should be paid attention to. “. < / P > < p > then, what should children be taught by children’s sports? Wang Dengfeng pointed out that one is basic health knowledge, such as teaching children what not to eat more and what not to eat; the other is basic sports skills, including running, jumping, throwing and flexibility, balance, flexibility and coordination – this is the basis for learning special sports skills and the core of children’s sports. It must be acknowledged that the lack of basic motor skills is the most prominent problem faced by Chinese children. “Now many families are one child, and the children don’t even have the opportunity to climb, which has a great impact on hand foot coordination, body balance and flexibility.” Wang Dengfeng said that he once invited former head coach of China’s national men’s football team to give a speech. Originally, he wanted to ask him to talk about how to teach and practice football in school, but schlapner said it was not important. What’s more, schlapner found a fatal flaw in Chinese children’s basic motor skills: poor coordination. In schlapner’s view, teaching children to play football first put aside football training, “as if you want to achieve the goal to do something related to the goal, but you have the basic quality to achieve the goal is far from it.”. < p > < p > Wang Dengfeng also stressed that football is only a carrier, and football characteristic kindergartens should teach children gymnastics, dance, running and jumping ability, physical management ability and the ability to solve sports problems with other peers through football. The most important thing in kindergarten stage is to teach children the coordinated development of motor skills, which is the most important basis for children to play motor skills in the future. < / P > < p > “you let him play a game that needs to run, and he learns to run. Let him master flexibility, can’t teach him a movement to practice, he will not practice like this, but let him play a game that needs to practice flexibility, he will be very happy, and the whole motor function has been improved, which completes the learning of flexibility. ” Therefore, Wang Dengfeng believes that children’s sports is to let children realize the coordinated development of motor skills in the way of games. In other words, it is not to teach children specific skills, but to integrate skills into the design of the game, so that he can naturally master motor skills in the process of playing. To teach them in the way of teaching primary schools and even college students is “primary school oriented” and “University oriented”. It is not suitable for children, and the effect will be greatly reduced. In addition to “teaching”, kindergarten sports should also “practice hard” and “often compete”. In Wang Dengfeng’s view, the kindergarten’s “practice” is to run through the whole period of children’s activities, and to achieve parent-child interaction. Children’s sports activities also need regular competitions, but this “game” is not a regular competition, but a game activity to show each child’s sports skills, such as “throw the ball over there to see who gets it first, isn’t this track and field competition”? < / P > < p > “children in kindergartens should not take so many utilitarian things to play with.” Wang Dengfeng pointed out that the “regular games” in kindergartens do not have formal competitions at first, and then they are not “hard training”. I heard someone tell me that some kindergartens practice football and let children practice football with sandbags. This is not training and education. “. In his view, the kindergarten “regular competition” is the pursuit of children’s comprehensive and coordinated development, “the realization of children’s sports is game, the way of children’s sports competition is also a game, the special sports skills to be taught should be integrated into the game.”. < / P > < p > the release of the negative list of national children’s football activities is also based on this concept. Wang Dengfeng hopes that kindergartens should become an important platform for children to enjoy sports fun and achieve coordinated development of motor skills in games, which can not cause any harm to them. Football characteristic kindergarten is also the same, to help children with football as a carrier to be familiar with football, interested in football, but also to enable their sports skills to achieve comprehensive and coordinated development. < p > < p > next, Wang Dengfeng pointed out: first, we should continue to advocate, according to this guide, we should use games to cultivate children’s comprehensive sports coordination ability; second, we should take a look at what this kind of children’s football teaching mode can bring us. More specifically, from September this year, we will give one month’s free courses to the national football characteristic kindergartens, and then select 1000 football characteristic kindergartens nationwide to give free courses for one year, “so that kindergarten parents, teachers and principals can carefully observe and seriously analyze this kind of children’s sports activities and the changes in children.”. < / P > < p > “we hope that through such a way, we can create a template for children’s football or children’s sports, convey the correct concept, and encourage the correct” open way “of children’s sports. Wang Dengfeng said that in order to realize the whole school physical education reform, this is a very important link, “through such a link, we hope to be able to really do this thing well.”. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!