Gather the power of care to realize the good education of children

On October 29, 2020, the 2020 infant care service development forum sponsored by Beijing Municipal Health Commission was held in Beijing. National Health Commission, China Family Planning Association, child development research center of China care for the next generation working committee and relevant leaders of Beijing attended and addressed the meeting. < / P > < p > this one-day forum aims to build a platform for communication among government departments, experts and scholars, social institutions and other relevant parties in the development of infant care services, and create a social atmosphere conducive to the development of infant care services. The main forum in the morning focused on the topics of nurturing care and early childhood development, the current situation and Prospect of infant care service development, quality evaluation standards of nurseries, professional standards, inclusive standards, regulatory norms, construction of evaluation system for infant development, and allocation of care service facilities, etc., outlining the development standards of infant care services in the capital The prototype of the system. < p > < p > responsible persons of member units of Beijing infant care contact meeting, relevant departments of Beijing Municipal Commission of health and health, Beijing Family Planning Association, Beijing family planning service guidance center, Beijing Maternal and child health hospital, district health committees and family planning associations attended the meeting. < p > < p > in the morning, eight experts gave keynote speeches on the main forum, which respectively carried out a detailed interpretation from the perspective of the situation to the interpretation of hot spots, from scientific supervision to inclusive standards, from demonstration construction to service facilities, from talent guarantee to evaluation of children and caregivers. < p > < p > the afternoon sub forum, education for the future – 2020 Beijing infant care service development forum and the summit forum of nurseries service institutions are jointly sponsored by Beijing Municipal Health Committee and the Research Center for child development of China care for the next generation working committee. The five guests of the keynote speech made a detailed introduction and sharing from the aspects of talent cultivation of nursery education, new interactive mode of online and offline Family Science Parenting, integration of early education and so on. Let all participating enterprises fully understand the experience of excellent enterprises. < p > < p > finally, at the closed door forum of child care institutions, the relevant person in charge of the child development research center of China Customs Working Committee said: “according to your opinions and suggestions, many of them are focused on the demand and training of nurseries. We hope to work with institutions in the field of infant care and rely on the platform of child development research center of China Customs Working Committee for decades Resources, authoritative experts, research results, mobilize the strength of social institutions, standardize and improve the personnel training system in terms of expert content, curriculum system, evaluation and certification, and strive to solve this problem for the industry. ” PARRENT&CHILDREN