Germany: infection with new coronavirus or affecting pancreatic function

According to a case study recently published in the British Journal, a 19-year-old male patient in Kiel, Germany, was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus after he was diagnosed with asymptomatic infection of new coronavirus and recovered. Although novel coronavirus pneumonia and diabetes are not established in this report, recent research shows that the new crown virus infection may have a negative effect on the function of pancreas, which controls blood sugar level.

NCV enters human cells by binding to ACE2 glycoprotein, which is also present in human pancreatic beta cells. Pancreatic beta cells play a key role in insulin production, and ACE2 is considered to be important for the function of beta cells. Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia may be associated with diabetes mellitus, but data are not sufficient to support the hypothesis that new crown pneumonia can directly lead to diabetes.

the research team at the Affiliated Hospital of Schleswig Holstein State University in Germany described a 19-year-old patient who was admitted to hospital due to abnormal fatigue, fatigue, excessive thirst and frequent urination. He also lost 12 kilograms in a few weeks. In addition to other markers of diabetes, there are also signs of decreased blood function. The patient did not have a high-risk human leukocyte antigen genotype, but he did have a genotype associated with a slightly higher risk of autoimmune type I diabetes. However, the patient did not have the autoantibodies commonly seen in patients with autoimmune type I diabetes. The patient was positive for IgG antibody to NCV, but not for IgM antibody, indicating that he was infected with NCV 5-7 weeks before admission.

researchers concluded that novel coronavirus pneumonia can not be ruled out by this case study, and it is impossible to exclude the possibility that he has developed a rare form of autoimmune diabetes. However, they believe that NCV infection may have a negative impact on pancreatic function through the direct effect of the virus on beta cells. Therefore, more epidemiological and experimental studies are needed to clarify the relationship. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!