Get gallstone on the basis of chronic cholecystitis, still can produce gallbladder cancer, with Tibet Yinchen enough?

  。 Especially hurt our stomach, we usually eat food, will enter the stomach, our breakfast to eat well, this is because our breakfast will enter a day’s nutritional state, we have a rest at night, but our gastrointestinal tract has not rest, it has been digesting, absorbing, so it will secrete part of gastric acid. < / P > < p > gastric acid is also gastric juice. After a night’s secretion, gastric acid sinks in the stomach. In the morning, we should have breakfast to digest, absorb and neutralize the gastric acid in the body. If you don’t have breakfast, it will have a certain impact on the stomach, because without food to digest, your gastric mucosa will directly corrode your stomach, Can cause cholecystitis, or other diseases. < / P > < p > chronic cholecystitis is likely to become cancerous, especially for chronic cholecystitis with gallstones in the gallbladder. Repeated friction of gallstones in the gallbladder wall will induce chronic inflammation. After ten or twenty years or even longer, some patients may become malignant and form gallbladder cancer due to repeated inflammatory damage of the gallbladder wall. At present, gallbladder cancer is still a kind of malignant tumor with very poor prognosis. Moreover, chronic cholecystitis with gallstones is a high risk factor for gallbladder cancer. Therefore, if chronic cholecystitis is accompanied by gallstones, and the diameter of gallstones is more than 3cm, cholecystectomy is recommended, so as to prevent possible gallbladder canceration in the future. < / P > < p > today’s pathological report was “gallbladder cancer”, which really surprised me. The patient was a middle-aged woman with chronic cholecystitis for many years. Recently, she felt obvious discomfort in her upper abdomen, so she asked for cholecystectomy and was admitted to the hospital. Color Doppler ultrasonography showed that the gallbladder was atrophic and wrapped with stones, and no local irregular thickening was found. Results laparoscopic operation was successful. < / P > < p > although gallbladder cancer can be found from time to time, I didn’t expect it this time. It seems that patients with atrophic cholecystitis complicated with gallstones should be given more consideration. Indeed, for patients with chronic cholecystitis and cholecystolithiasis, the chance of gallbladder canceration is significantly increased. Some studies suggest that the incidence can be increased by more than 10 times. We should pay attention to it. For patients with chronic cholecystitis and cholecystolithiasis, the treatment should be more active, the operation should be carried out in time, and cholecystectomy should be performed. < / P > < p > chronic cholecystitis need to take some anti-inflammatory and cholagogic drugs, such as Tibetan Yinchen capsule, the effect is good. Chronic cholecystitis is a chronic disease of gallbladder, most of which are complicated with gallstones, and a few are non gallstone chronic cholecystitis. Chronic cholecystitis tends to cholecystectomy, especially in patients with heart disease and diabetes. If the patient does not agree with the operation or the symptoms are mild without recurrence, conservative treatment can be performed in internal medicine. If you have mild abdominal pain, you can take oral anti-inflammatory drugs, such as erythromycin, norfloxacin, etc., and tell the patient to eat a low salt and low-fat diet. < / P > < p > we can take Tibetan Yinchen capsule orally for antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and cholagogic. Zang Yin Chen capsule has the effects of clearing away heat and toxin, soothing liver and gallbladder, and relieving jaundice. It has the functions of protecting liver and gallbladder, relieving fever, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, anti-tumor, analgesia and sedation. In cholecystitis for chronic cholecystitis has a good therapeutic effect, can reduce cholestasis, eliminate the binding bile acid, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. In addition, for patients with gallstones, some drugs can be taken orally to help remove stones. Patients with chronic cholecystitis should eat a small amount of food. Pets