Girl height 160 how many jin calculate fat? If the weight does not exceed this range, Congratulations, do not lose weight

Women are more strict with their own requirements, weight loss is a “required course” for women, regardless of age, they are very concerned about their own body and appearance. < / P > < p > no matter how well you manage your body, you will feel that you are obese. I personally think that whether I am obese or not should not be judged only according to my own ideas, but should have a reasonable scientific judgment standard. For example, if your height is 160, your standard weight should be 55 kg. If you exceed this standard, you will belong to the overweight group, but it is normal to fluctuate up and down by 10%. But if more than 20% is considered serious obesity, need to lose weight quickly. < / P > < p > during weight loss, girls think that eating dinner will lead to excessive intake of calories, so they choose to use fruit instead of dinner. Although eating fruit can supplement the nutrients needed by the human body, the following four kinds of fruits may lead to body weight gain. < / P > < p > if the intestine is not very smooth, bananas must be the best choice of fruits. In fact, although bananas are helpful for constipation, when you feel very hungry, bananas are also very high in energy. < p > < p > the taste of durian makes people love and hate durian. It seems that it is difficult to resist the temptation of durian. Durian is known as the king of fruit, which contains very high nutrients. < p > < p > if you are a person who loves to eat durian, and you are in the stage of weight loss, you must control your mouth, because durian contains excessive calories, which will lead to more and more fat. As the saying goes, women can’t live without dates for three days! Jujube is a household name in the health care industry. People who like to eat jujube like the sweet taste, but the sugar content of jujube is very high. < / P > < p > if you are in the process of losing weight, the more you eat jujube, the fatter you will be, and even make your weight slowly exceed the standard. Therefore, you should be blacklisted. < p > < p > Seabuckthorn is a very unique fruit, which is rich in nutrients. If people with heart disease or vascular disease eat seabuckthorn, it is good for their health. < / P > < p > but if you are losing weight, seabuckthorn fruit should be blacklisted as soon as possible, because the internal energy of seabuckthorn is very high. If people who are losing weight eat too much, it will lead to weight gain and even affect health, making you fatter and fatter. < / P > < p > remember to defecate in the morning. In the morning, the food that has been digested and excreted in the body will be absorbed easily if the food is not digested and excreted in the evening. Regular defecation can eliminate toxins and garbage, which is conducive to health and weight loss. < / P > < p > remember to drink a cup of warm water when you get up in the morning. Drinking water helps to speed up the metabolism of the human body, especially after getting up in the morning and brushing teeth, drinking a cup of warm boiled water can not only help wash the intestines, but also help to dilute the blood concentration, discharge toxins and garbage from the body, and also help to maintain the stability of the body’s internal environment. Therefore, during the period of weight loss, women must not forget to replenish water for their bodies. < / P > < p > remember to exercise in the morning. After waking up in the morning, there is no fresh air for the body to absorb fresh air to protect the body. Exercise also helps to speed up fat burning and prevent obesity. < / P > < p > remember to have breakfast in the morning. People who lose weight should remember that eating breakfast is very important. After a night’s consumption, there is little energy left in the body, and the metabolism rate will decline. Eating breakfast can help to accelerate metabolism, and the ability of fat decomposition and consumption will also rise, which is more helpful to discharge harmful substances from the body and maintain a good figure. Pets