Girls should not refuse side abdomen training, it will make both sides of waist and abdomen tighter and more beautiful (with movement)

Most of the time, for the ladies who want the vest line, the training of the lateral abdomen will be relatively ignored in the process of their abdominal training, because they know that it is the key to train the rectus abdominis if they want to train the waistline. In addition, for some friends who have some classic knowledge, they will consciously give a short notice to the lateral abdomen As far as the whole abdominal muscles are concerned, the abdominal oblique muscles are more sensitive to stimulation, so they will worry about over training themselves and thus coarsen their waistlines. < / P > < p > in fact, for most female friends, even if they want to practice the waistline, they should also pay attention to the training of the lateral abdomen, because if they want to have a beautiful shape of the whole abdomen, they need to develop their abdominal muscles in an all-round way. In addition, for us, the amount of training at ordinary times is not enough to make the abdominal oblique muscle over trained and lead to the waist circumference becoming thicker. Moreover, targeted lateral abdominal training can effectively modify the lines on both sides of the waist and abdomen, which can not only tighten the waistline, but also make the waistline more beautiful. < / P > < p > of course, if we want to make the abdominal line beautiful, we can’t achieve the goal only through regular abdominal training. We must consider the problem of body fat rate, because low body fat rate is the premise of manifesting vest line. Therefore, when our body fat rate is higher than this standard, we should focus on reducing fat, and waist and abdomen training can be added to the fat reduction program You can also put it on first, and then go to training after losing fat successfully. Of course, the specific way to do it depends on your own actual situation. < / P > < p > then, for those friends whose abdominal oblique muscles are relatively weak and the skin on both sides of the waist and abdomen is flabby, we must pay attention to the training of the lateral abdomen. Of course, we can not only exercise the lateral abdomen and ignore the rectus abdominis, we can add the training of the lateral abdomen into our daily abdominal training, and we can also arrange one or two times a week to focus on training. In the choice of action, we can refer to the following four actions.

lying on the yoga mat, the upper part of the body is close to the ground, the hands are placed beside the ears, the legs are slightly separated and stretched forward, the feet are off the ground and keep the lower back close to the ground, the abdomen exerts force to drive one leg to lift the knee forward, and at the same time, rotate the shoulders to make the shoulder on the same side roll up in front of the side, so that the knee on the same side and the elbow on the same side are as close to the action vertex for a while, feel the contraction of the abdominal muscle on the side, and then slow down Slowly restore, and complete the other side action < / P > < p > side support on the yoga mat, lower arm bending elbow is located under the shoulder, upper hand is beside the ear, legs are slightly separated and stretched forward, and the lower foot is on the ground to support the body, so that the body is in a straight line from head to foot, keep the body stable, and drive the upper leg to lift the knee to the side and up with the force from the abdomen, and then keep the action still and press the buttocks down To the top of the action, after a short pause, lift up until the body is in a straight line, and then restore the leg action < / P > < p > lie on the back of the yoga mat, keep the shoulders and head off the ground, fix the neck, extend the arms to both sides of the body, bend the knees of the legs to the same width as the hips, keep the lower back touching the ground with the feet on the ground, and drive the shoulders to bend to the side with the force from the side abdomen, so that the hands on the same side can bend to the side Stop the foot as close as possible to the apex, contract the abdominal muscles on one side, and then restore and complete the other side action < / P > < p > lean over and support on the yoga mat with arms straight under the shoulders, elbows slightly bent, back straight, core tight, legs straight back, one foot on the ground, the other foot off the ground, keep the body stable, keep the back straight, abdominal force drive non support Lift the knee to the upper side of the leg, lift the top of the knee for a moment, contract the abdominal muscles, and then restore in the opposite direction. Pay attention not to touch the ground during the reduction process < / P > < p > in the movement process, ensure the movement quality. In each movement process, the target muscle can be effectively contracted and extended. Each movement is performed 15-20 times, and the unilateral action is completed by changing sides, 4-5 groups each time, 2-3 times a week Stretch the target muscle to help it relax. Focus