Girls wash face, less make these four “mistakes”, otherwise the pores become thicker, the skin is getting worse and worse

Skin care work is an indispensable part of girls’ daily life, because our skin is usually subject to various hazards will accelerate aging, so to do a comprehensive skin care work is the key to keep us young. And a variety of complex skin care processes in the face is the first link. But when girls wash face, we must make these four mistakes less, otherwise the pores will become thicker and the skin will be worse and worse!

most girls think that washing their face is just a simple cleaning. In fact, even after using facial cleanser, it is difficult to clean thoroughly. In addition, many girls often make the following four mistakes when they wash their faces. No wonder they always don’t wash their faces and find their skin getting worse and worse. Let’s follow Xiaobian to have a look!

many girls make-up every day. Long term make-up is harmful to the skin, so they need more careful cleansing. And when washing face, many girls often feel troublesome, so they directly use facial cleanser for cleaning. In fact, this practice is very wrong, because the cleansing effect of facial cleanser on cosmetics is not in place.

many cosmetics contain a lot of chemical components, and it is often necessary to clean them with special water to remove makeup. Our commonly used facial cleansers are very mild elements, which can only clean the grease and dust on the skin surface. If you wash your face directly without removing makeup, many cosmetic ingredients will remain on the face. In the long run, the skin will be greatly damaged and the aging rate will be gradually accelerated.

in fact, it doesn’t take much time to clean your face with makeup remover before you wash your face after you put on your make-up. Many exquisite girls will also distinguish the eye and lip makeup removers. Only when we have done a complete and detailed make-up removal can we further clean to the surface of the skin. Reducing the damage of cosmetics to the skin is another protection for our facial skin. When you see the fairies here, don’t forget to remove your make-up after you wash your face!

now almost all girls will use facial cleanser when they wash their faces. Common facial cleansers can not only achieve deeper cleaning, but also strengthen skin protection. But the premise must be that we should use the facial cleanser suitable for our skin. The common skin types are actually dry and oily. If it is a girl with dry skin, we must use moisturizing facial cleanser, so that after washing the face, the skin will not be seriously dehydrated and dry.

what we need to pay more attention to is actually the oily skin of girls. This kind of skin that is prone to stuffy acne and blackhead must use refreshing oil control facial cleanser. The general moisturizing facial cleanser can’t play a very good role in removing grease. If you don’t wash your face for a long time, it’s easy to cause pores to block and grow black head crazily. Slowly, you can find that your pores become larger, which really affects your beauty. Therefore, using the wrong cleanser for our skin damage is very large.

in fact, the way to choose facial cleanser is the same as that of skin care products. First of all, fairies should make clear their skin characteristics. For girls with sensitive muscles, they must take good measures on their skin when using the new facial cleanser. If they are allergic to the face blindly, it will reduce the skin resistance. When buying a new facial cleanser, pay attention to the elements on the ingredient list. Don’t blindly listen to the recommendation of the sisters on the counter. You must protect your face. Oh ~

after washing, you don’t like to dry your face with a towel. This is a practice that many beauticians do not recommend. Now after washing the face, the natural air drying time of the face drops is too long. Although the towel drying rate is very high, the towel will breed a lot of bacteria in a week after use. If you directly wipe on the face, it is easy to cause skin infection, especially for female students with acne or sensitive muscles, it is easy to get hurt when wiping with dry towel.

if a girl can’t choose a towel, it is highly recommended to use a cotton pad or disposable paper towel instead. The towel made of hard fabric has strong friction and roughness. If you do not master the strength of use, it is easy to scratch the skin of the face, especially in the area of facial inflammation or acne, which will cause secondary infection of the skin after abrasion. The use of soft fabric cotton, or disposable tissue, not only can reduce the growth of bacteria, for the face of the skin is more gentle.

disposable face wipes and make-up cotton as consumables are relatively fast to use, but their costs are very low, so you can usually store more at home. When you wash your face, you should never use a long-term towel. Have you learned the correct drying methods and steps?

as the first step of our skin care program, fairies should not forget the follow-up skin care work after cleaning the facial skin. No matter whether there are skin care and moisturizing elements in the composition table of facial cleanser, most of the skin will have a certain degree of water shortage after cleaning. This is because the facial cleanser takes away the oil and protective film secreted by our face. The pores exposed in the air will accelerate the evaporation of water, so after washing the face, we always feel the face tight.

so no matter what kind of skin girl, the first thing after washing the face is to rub toner and lotion. These two basic skin care products are very important in our daily skin protection and nourishment. According to their skin condition to decide whether to use the mask, after washing the skin pores open, the rate of absorption of nutrients will greatly increase.

don’t be lazy about skin care after you wash your face because of work or study. If you want to keep your skin young and beautiful, you must remember to add appropriate nutrients to your skin after cleansing, and keep your face tender and full, which will make you look more youthful! Focus