Girls who dare to wear “Hanfu” out of doors usually have these characteristics, but ordinary people do not

In fact, although coco thinks that every girl has her unique beauty, those who dare to wear Chinese clothes out of the door often have these characteristics, which are beyond the envy of others. What are these advantages? Can we make it through some changes? Let’s take a look at coco. Many people envy girls with cold and white skin because their skin can look very beautiful without careful make-up. What’s more, the face with cold and white skin is like a piece of white painting paper. No matter what kind of makeup is painted on it, the color sense will be more prominent. < / P > < p > even if there is a problem of taking off makeup, it will not look greasy. Therefore, to have a cold white skin is to a large extent equivalent to having an antique beauty face. And we all know that most of the ancient foundation is not the flesh color but white, so the white face has become a characteristic of China’s ancient beauty. < / P > < p > whitening is not a problem that can be changed by changing. On the Internet, we often hear bloggers recommend whitening methods, but the final effect is very few. In fact, from normal yellow skin to cold white skin is almost impossible, we can only do through make-up. However, we can also change some of our work and rest habits to make our skin look whiter than before, such as: pay attention to sunscreen, wash face sooner or later, and pay attention to skin moisturizing, etc. In this link, coco thinks that sunscreen is the most important step, and also the most easily overlooked step. < / P > < p > sometimes it is not enough for us to just apply sunscreen when we go out, because it can only be used as a protective layer for us. We also need to carry out physical sunscreen, wear long sleeves, masks and umbrellas. It’s not enough to use an umbrella, because ultraviolet rays shine on our faces through the reflection of the ground. < / P > < p > sunscreen and sunscreen should be applied both on cloudy days and indoors, so that our skin can be restored to the whiteness we can achieve. This degree varies from person to person. We can see where the whitest part of our body is, and the chromaticity of this place is the maximum we can recover. < / P > < p > there is a feature in many Hanfu styles, that is, it looks more grand and more beautiful without banger. Therefore, Hanfu hairstyle can reveal a girl’s profile, which represents the three-dimensional degree of facial features. It includes the height of the bridge of the nose, the fluency of the jaw, and the fullness of the forehead. < / P > < p > among them, cocoa felt that the fullness of his forehead was the most important. A full forehead will make women more classical. It is also very beautiful to wear Hanfu here. It’s not easy for us to look old from the front. < / P > < p > but then again, if you want to have a full forehead, you can’t do it with sunscreen like you did. The fullness of the forehead is natural, and we can cover it by changing our hair style. < / P > < p > for example, if you think your forehead is not perfect, don’t show it completely. And don’t choose a hairstyle that will make your head look completely exposed and displayed. There is nothing else about ancient women. The biggest impression we get is that they have a lot of hair. Moreover, the visual area of Hanfu is relatively large. If there is no thick hair and hair ornaments as a foil, the proportion of the whole person will not be harmonious. Therefore, a girl with a lot of hair, no matter what kind of hairstyle she does, will appear more atmospheric, and so is the modeling in modern times. Of course, ancient women couldn’t have a lot of hair, and girls with less hair would use wigs instead. If we do modeling, we must remember that first of all, we should pad the hair in front of us, and then cushion the back according to our own head shape. Girls with flat skull need more cushion to make their heads look round. What kind of wig we need after that depends on our own needs. After all, fake hair is not as good as our real hair. To grow hair is not an easy thing, we should not only maintain their own work and rest, but also pay more attention to diet. However, coco thinks that the most effective way is to comb before shampooing and to use some strong and strong products. As long as we lose some hair, the amount of hair will not look less and less. However, in fact, the characteristics of ancient beauty are far more than these. You, who often wear Hanfu, naturally understand it. What features do you think are suitable for the girl to wear Hanfu? Let’s talk to coco. Focus