Girls who have this habit before going to bed, sleep more beautiful!

has been catching up with them lately. Every time they see them, they are seriously training. They really worshipped them. Not only did they look good, but they also had a good figure, and

, I remember that a certain female star once wrote that they should take the time to skin care at night, and the most direct and effective way of skin care is to apply the mask.

I believe a lot of girls, like me, have been hoarding a lot of facial mask during each activity. They used to insist on using them. The result often comes up once a month. It is almost a year ago.

everyone wants to have a sleeping mask that can make you beautiful. This may be a wonderful idea. Don’t mention it. I really found this mask recently!

before I used all the flake mask, I think this sleeping mask has little effect. Until I tried a small bag and found that I was wrong! When I sleep, I find that the skin has really changed a lot. Q is more effective than 10 times. < / P > < p > and there are 20 small bags in this box. If you use one bag at a time, you can have water sensitive muscles and become a beautiful girl! The price is not expensive, it’s really worth it!

we need to know that our skin becomes loose and senescent, which is caused by the loss of collagen. So this mask can replenish collagen to your skin in time. < / P > < p > this kind of collagen line can be well dissolved on the face and then absorbed. If the skin absorbs enough collagen, the activity of the cells will be increased, and the skin will become more and more tender. < / P > < p > after absorbing enough collagen, the skin will become fuller and more delicate, and the skin will become more and more tender, even the problems of fine lines, dark yellow and rough can be solved! < / P > < p > I also did an experiment myself. I applied XI collagen frozen film on the apple, but the other half did not. After waiting for 30 minutes, I found that the apple coated with frozen film was still fresh, and the other half was oxidized by air! < / P > < p > it has strong penetration. After being fully absorbed by the skin, it can reach the bottom of the muscle, activate every cell of the skin, and make the skin more transparent and full! < / P > < p > I also recommended it to my colleague for a period of time. She also made a comparison before and after. She found that the original dark yellow skin has become bright and white, and even the acne print has been weakened! < / P > < p > it is said that a neck line = 10 years old. When you have the “swan neck” of the same style as a star, you look really young and beautiful as a girl. Wearing various necklaces and jewelry also shows a more advanced temperament! < / P > < p > sensitive muscles may worry about the irritation of the frozen film. The pH value of the frozen film is about 6, which belongs to the mild type, so the sensitive muscle sister can use it at ease! < p > < p > there is another good morning frozen film, which is suitable for skin emergency use during the day. The main ingredient is carnosine, which can repair skin and relieve dark and long acne. It is very useful for people who often stay up late and have poor skin condition!

if you are too lazy to use a flake mask, you may try this good night freeze-dried film. You just need to apply it to sleep. You don’t need to clean your face again. It’s very convenient. After you sleep, you can rejuvenate your skin. 2