Go to my cousin’s house to play, see a cat, just want to smoke a, was its appearance dissuade: Excuse me

Have you found that most of the cats we see are pretty good-looking, even the stray cats have some beauty. But after reading the following story, you may know that good-looking cats are the same, ugly cats have a variety of ugly methods.

when the woman went to play at her cousin’s house one day, she saw that there was a cat in her cousin’s house. As a cat slave, of course, she should seize the opportunity to roll the cat. However, when she just wanted to smoke a cat, the cat turned back and directly dissuaded the woman’s idea.

this cat is not soft and cute in my imagination, and even has a ferocious expression. In short, it looks a little bit awkward. The woman joked: Well, I’m sorry to disturb you, but I’ve returned in advance. Ha ha ha ha, veterinarian Xiao Ming is also laughed at by this reversal. The cat looks a little bit However, it is better to be a cat free person if he is not in trouble. Anyway, he doesn’t need money to roll the cat, right.

would anyone like this overbearing cat? It seems that not all the people who turn back can reach the realm of looking back at night. That’s what the back killer means.

veterinarian Xiaoming Science Popularization: a cat shoveling officer also needs to pay attention to the problem of heatstroke. When cats spit out their tongues to dissipate heat like dogs, it means that they may be too hot to do so. They can take cooling measures, such as turning on the air conditioner, but pay attention that the temperature should not be too low.

for kittens, their body resistance is not very strong. Blowing air conditioning may cause them to catch cold and get sick. You can put them in a cool and ventilated place, and then lay a mat with cooling effect on them.