Good news during pregnancy and childbirth, the health commission stipulates that the screening of depression during pregnancy and childbirth should be included in the pregnancy check-up

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, the incidence of depression is about 11% in the world. Overall, there are about 340 million people suffering from depression. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, women’s emotional fluctuation may be relatively large, because they have to face a new journey and have to experience it themselves, so they will inevitably have some fear. < / P > < p > if at this time, your husband and family can’t understand themselves, it’s easy to get depressed all the time and then do something to hurt them. < / P > < p > most of the time, people may not understand this matter. People who have not experienced emotional depression can not understand their hearts. But please give them more patience and understanding. < p > < p > Xiaohe is now five months pregnant. Because her husband’s family pays more attention to the health care of pregnant women, her mother-in-law asks Xiaohe to resign and raise her baby at home, because pregnancy and after delivery are important moments for women. < / P > < p > only with a good rest can the body recover faster. But there are some small frictions between Xiaohe and her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law cooks some nutriments for her every day, hoping to make her good and provide her children with adequate nutrition. < p > < p > but Xiaohe really can’t get used to it. Once Xiao He’s husband came home from work. In the process of chatting, Xiaohe mentioned that he couldn’t eat these nutriments. Could you stop her mother-in-law from cooking? < p > < p > Xiaohe’s husband heard that Xiaohe didn’t know how to be a good person. His mother couldn’t bear to eat such expensive nutriments. She even didn’t appreciate it, so she asked, “how can you be so affectionate?” < p > < p > Xiaohe was already quite irritable. He didn’t expect that his husband not only did not understand, but also blamed himself in turn. Xiaohe was depressed for several days, and slowly began not to talk. Sometimes he just wanted to be alone in the room. < p > < p > under normal circumstances, a quarrel between two people is not a big deal, but Xiao He is pregnant and has a delicate mind. He will feel extremely disappointed when he hears such words. < p > < p > because Xiaohe stuffs himself in the room every day and doesn’t want to go out, her mother-in-law feels that things are not easy. During a labor examination, she consulted the doctor and found out that Xiaohe was suffering from depression. < / P > < p > because more and more pregnant mothers and novice Baoma are suffering from depression and do something harmful to themselves, but we do not realize how serious this is. Some even say that depression is hypochondriasis. < / P > < p > some netizens said: such regulations are very good. At least, some people begin to pay attention to pregnant women and lying in women. I hope all mothers can be treated with tenderness in this world. There are many kinds of depression in women, which may be due to injustice during pregnancy, shame during delivery, and various physical problems after delivery. These seemingly small things can bring down a person. Therefore, the family should help the lying in women to do a good job in psychological construction, understand all kinds of possible situations in advance, and give comfort at the first time after things happen, don’t mention the cool line) pay attention to the feelings of pregnant and lying in women < / P > < p > whether it is the male parents to help take care of the pregnant women or the female parents to take care of them, the husband must make it clear to the parents and take care of them When she is, pay attention to the other person’s feelings. < p > < p > gestating Island, a professional pregnancy and child care team, multi platform high-quality creators, pay attention to me, pregnant nutrition and health, children’s growth education, give you professional guidance. Focus