Goodbye, strawberry nose, nose problem “must kill skill”

Information sharing for epilepsy patients。 Hello everyone, I’m your skin care Butler Shilu. Since you’ve all ordered in, please pay attention to Shilu by the way! It is said that people who pay attention to after reading the article will become more and more beautiful!

we should all have seen the video of squeezing out acne, which is known as decompression artifact, which kills obsessive-compulsive disorder minute by minute. The exhilarating pleasure really makes people feel the joy of body and mind. Shilu also likes to watch this kind of video, as well as some decompression videos such as tapping ears and cutting soap. In the later stage of development, I can’t help but use tweezers to pull out the acne on my nose. If there is any more, my nose will be like a strawberry, and there will be one wave after another. Even if you put on makeup, you can see the white spots on the strawberry nose, not to mention the powder. So strawberry nose is really annoying. Shilu takes you away from strawberry nose today. It’s really ugly!

blackhead is blackhead acne, which belongs to open acne. Because of frequent contact with the outside air, blackhead is a common skin problem in adolescence. Blackhead is mainly composed of sebum, cell debris and bacteria, and then it will be blocked at the opening of hair follicle. In addition, due to dust, dirt and oxidation in the air, blackhead will gradually form.

strawberry noses have one thing in common, that is, the area of strawberry nose is easy to produce oil, which is what we often call “t area”. Every afternoon, the nose is already “shining” and the oil absorbing paper is used one bag after another, and the hair is useless. Because the oil absorption paper only adsorbs the grease on the surface, it can not solve any fundamental problems. In fact, this is caused by the imbalance of water and oil in the skin. We should do a good job in moisturizing the skin, drink more water, and don’t stay up late, which can effectively alleviate the greasiness.

a lot of times, oil comes out of your nose. It may also be because your skin is not clean! Lead to mites, I have mentioned the harm of mites, you can go to have a look. So we should also pay attention to their own living environment Oh! Change the quilt cover frequently, the bedroom often ventilates, the towel that wipes a face also should notice!

if the aged cutin can’t fall off in time, it will block the cutin in the pores and can’t be discharged in time. At this time, we need to regularly exfoliate, so that the aging cutin to make way for healthy skin, the aging cuticle will block the water into.

why should we prevent ultraviolet rays? This is really important, because some people have false strawberry nose. Her nose is not acne, but the stain on her pores, which will give people the illusion of strawberry nose. That is how the pore stain is produced, this is the power of UV, UV is easy to cause skin pigmentation. UV protection must not be ignored, physical protection + chemical protection can be effective Oh!

basically, we can say goodbye to strawberry nose by doing the above-mentioned points. However, many friends will listen to all kinds of hearsay news and die in a fancy way. Here, I will give you a list of some wrong examples of treating strawberry nose.

2. I’ve seen a lot of people using acne needles at home. This operation is very dangerous. It’s better to seek the help of a doctor in the hospital. Don’t operate it by yourself. Even if you want to use it, you should remember to disinfect it with alcohol first!

3. Using nose paste, I don’t know when, all kinds of nose paste and nose export liquid on the Internet began to emerge in an endless stream. But the more you pull it out, the more gum will damage your skin barrier. In the long run, your nose will become intolerable, and the strawberry nose problem will not be alleviated. There is still a temporary effect, but it is impossible to let you use it once. After all, it is an industrial chain, you product, you fine product!

to sum up, it’s your improper skin care methods that create your own strawberry nose with endless wildfire and spring breeze! Do you dare to use it in the future? Step by step is the most reliable way according to the method mentioned before. Don’t be too anxious. It will take effect slowly. Beauty is never achieved overnight.