Got second liver person, recently frequent fart, liver disease worsened? Listen to the doctor

Recently, many people with hepatitis B are asking whether they are hepatitis B patients or they are. Recently, they always feel that they fart a lot, and they always have it. No matter in the day or at night, they are very embarrassed. They want to know whether their condition is serious, so they often fart? < p > < p > hepatitis B refers to chronic hepatitis B, mainly due to hepatitis B virus infection caused by chronic liver disease, can be transmitted through blood, mother to child transmission, sexual contact transmission and other ways of infection, we can vaccinate hepatitis B vaccine to prevent hepatitis B. Chronic hepatitis B patients often have a lot of fart, which has a certain relationship with the condition of chronic hepatitis B. It belongs to the performance of a pathological development process of chronic hepatitis B, especially in the activity of chronic hepatitis B, due to the active replication of the virus, there are a large number of chronic hepatitis B virus in the body, causing serious damage to the liver, and the decline of liver function The symptoms of active hepatitis, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension and other gastrointestinal symptoms, some patients will often exhaust frequently, this situation can only be restored to normal after liver function or digestive tract symptoms disappear. < / P > < p > in addition, doctors say that if patients with chronic hepatitis B suddenly and frequently fart more, the first thing to consider is diet. Have you eaten foods that are easy to generate gas recently, such as starchy foods or foods that stimulate intestinal peristalsis. These foods are easy to produce a large amount of gas in the intestinal tract during digestion, leading to the frequent farting of some patients with hepatitis B. Secondly, the patients with hepatitis B have frequent exhaust caused by digestive tract diseases, such as enteritis, gastritis, etc. the digestive tract function of hepatitis B patients with these diseases is disordered, so the patients with hepatitis B will have increased exhaust. Therefore, if the patient with hepatitis B always farts, need to judge according to their own specific situation, and can not represent the deterioration of liver disease caused by, you can consult a doctor in detail. < / P > < p > if the patient with hepatitis B always farts, first of all, we must understand the specific reasons. If it is because of the aggravation of hepatitis B itself, which leads to the decline of digestive function, frequent farting should be taken according to the situation of hepatitis B. go to the hospital as soon as possible, let the doctor see the situation and adjust the dosage. In this way, the situation of frequent farting will be improved. < / P > < p > if it is due to digestive tract diseases, hepatitis B patients with frequent flatus can be recuperated through symptomatic treatment, and medication can be conducted according to the specific situation, but the gastrointestinal problems are solved, the digestion capacity is restored, and the situation of frequent farting of hepatitis B patients will naturally improve. If it is due to the diet reasons often fart, you can adjust the diet, reduce the intake of high starch, high protein food, so that the gas produced by the intestinal tract is reduced, and the situation of hepatitis B patients always farting will naturally improve. < / P > < p > to sum up, hepatitis B patients always fart is related to many factors, which may be diet problems, digestive tract diseases, or changes in their own conditions of hepatitis B. If you want to improve this situation, you need symptomatic treatment to keep your body healthy and prevent frequent farting. Next