Gout patients please note: less touch “6 things”, do “2 things”, far away from renal failure

Most fruit desserts or sweet drinks contain fructose, especially in honey. Fructose content in water reaches 70%. Although it can provide energy for the body, it will lead to excessive uric acid. Fructose can inhibit the excretion of uric acid in the kidney and promote the production of uric acid. Therefore, it is better to eat less. < / P > < p > the bottom of hot pot soup contains purine. Some meat such as beef and mutton during hot pot washing is also high purine food, which will lead to excessive fat intake in the body, affect metabolism and lead to the increase of uric acid. Therefore, people with high uric acid should eat less hotpot. < / P > < p > some seafood products such as fish and shellfish contain too much purine, and the body can synthesize 2 / 3 purine by itself, and the remaining 2 / 3 will be obtained from food. If ingested too much, purine will be oxidized to form uric acid, which will lead to excessive uric acid and cause gout. < / P > < p > although some chicken soup, pig bone or beef bone soup can nourish the body, gout patients should drink less. In particular, cream soup, floating on the top of a layer of fat, too much oil intake will cause metabolic abnormalities. Purine dissolved in water, purine in food will dissolve into the soup, increase the purine level in the soup, leading to the increase of uric acid. < p > < p > alcohol is the catalyst of uric acid, which can inhibit the excretion of uric acid. Therefore, people with high uric acid should not drink any drink containing alcohol, no matter beer, liquor or cocktail. May as well drink boiled water or mineral water, can help uric acid excretion, reduce uric acid crystal formation. Can also be added in water diuretic plants, such as chrysanthemum root tea, diuretic detumescence effect, conducive to uric acid excretion with urine. Reduce uric acid level, reduce the number of gout attacks. In addition, xanthinase can inhibit uric acid synthesis and prevent gout attack. Obesity can inhibit insulin secretion, limit purine excretion and affect uric acid metabolism. Therefore, it is necessary to actively control weight and reduce weight through exercise and diet control. But can’t over diet to lose weight, otherwise it will make the body produce too much ketoacids, affect uric acid excretion, is not conducive to uric acid control. < / P > < p > patients with gout should never have the habit of holding urine. Holding urine will cause urine retention and can not excrete uric acid in time, which will affect the health of the kidney. If the patient goes down for a long time, uric acid will precipitate in the kidney and deposit in the kidney, leading to kidney disease and increasing the risk of chronic renal failure. In addition, we can not stay up late, because staying up late will cause endocrine disorders, disorder of purine metabolism, unable to discharge uric acid in time, leading to increased uric acid. Focus