Grandma thinks granddaughter is too black, save “watermelon skin” to the child whitening, the child’s face is resisting

Every parent hopes that their children will be white and beautiful. They also have a vision of what their children will be like when they are pregnant. In order to look good for their children, many mothers begin to pay attention to their own when they are pregnant. Usually eat fruit will also look for children to have whitening, good-looking effect. But even so, the children may not be as good as they expected.

no matter how ugly their children are, their parents still hope that their children will look good in the future. Of course, in addition to the parents’ concern about the appearance of their children, there are also the elderly in the family. After all, they are descendants of their own family, so they will pay special attention to the growth process of their children. There is such a family, because the parents usually work too busy, so let the family retired grandparents to help with the baby. Parents think that the elderly must have more experience than themselves, so it will be more reassuring to give them to the elderly.

from the video, we can see that the grandmother still attaches great importance to the skin color of her child. After all, she is a little girl, and her skin color will definitely be better. The little girl’s skin color should be inherited from her family’s skin color. In the video, you can see that the child’s grandfather is relatively dark. Maybe the grandmother is afraid that her granddaughter will be as black as her grandfather in the future, so she can search for various tricks to make her skin color white. As a result, grandma’s way to whiten the child is to use “watermelon skin” whitening.

in the video, grandparents and granddaughter sit together to eat watermelon, but the peels are preserved by grandma and piled together. The next scene we should all have guessed, the grandmother began to take the watermelon peel directly on the child’s face, although the child’s face is full of resistance, but still can’t resist the grandmother, can only reluctantly accept, also can see, the grandmother wants to let the granddaughter white mentality is very firm.

soon, the video of grandma wiping her children’s face with watermelon peel spread quickly on the Internet, and everyone commented on her practice. When I saw this video, I thought only the old man and the baby could make such a move. Although this grandmother is kind-hearted, maybe watermelon skin also has whitening effect, but it is not appropriate to rub it on the child’s face. After all, the child is still very young, so randomly wipe the skin of the child, not only does not make the child white, but also may cause the child’s face because of the watermelon skin and allergy, which is not worth the loss.

in fact, many old people are like this. They always want to find some secret recipes for children’s good purpose and give them to them. Fortunately, the grandmother has not done anything particularly excessive, but some old people “for the sake of children” have done harm to the children. For example, a few years ago, an old man even put a needle in his granddaughter’s head in order to have a grandson. Therefore, people often push the old man to bring a baby to the forefront of the storm.

most of the elderly with children are over 50 years old. Although the elderly are watching the world change, they still retain old ideas in many places compared with young people. Due to the backward thinking of the elderly, they may be divorced from the society when taking care of their children. Children and the elderly have more contact, and the things they may come into contact with are relatively old, which is not conducive to the development of children. Moreover, the old people may take care of their children with old ideas. For example, if the child is sick, the old man may treat the child with some folk prescriptions or take small drugs for the child, which has a serious impact on the health of the child.

many families are one child, and now the children are more delicate, so the whole family will treat the child as a treasure. The old people have the saying of “stepparents” to their offspring. When they get older, they will like their children more, so it is easy for them to spoil their children. In our life, we can often see that children ask their grandparents for gifts, snacks and so on, and grandparents will happily agree to the children’s requirements. But in fact, there are many toys for children. Too much snacks is not good for children’s health. Therefore, sometimes the elderly dote on children too much, which is not good for children’s growth and development.

although the elderly have the ability to help young parents with their children, they are old after all, and their physical fitness is certainly not as good as that of young people. Younger children need to be held by parents most of the time. When the child is older and the child will walk and run, parents should take care of the child all the time to avoid bumping and bumping. This requires the elderly to have strong physical fitness. Otherwise, not only the elderly will feel weak, but also they may not take good care of their children.

of course, there are still some old people who can take good care of their children. Parents need to consider the physical quality of their elderly and whether they are consistent with their own ideas. Only by meeting the above conditions can they take good care of their children and let them grow up healthily and happily. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore