Guangdong has implemented the anti domestic violence law since October 1

The reporter learned from the provincial women’s Federation that it will be implemented on October 1 after being approved by a full vote at the 22nd Meeting of the 13th Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress.

it is reported that the definition of domestic violence should be refined to make it clear that domestic violence is also committed through the Internet; the compulsory reporting system should be improved to include those who are unable to report cases due to old age, disability, serious illness, being forced or intimidated into the protection objects; the measures of personal safety protection orders can be enriched by applying for a number of protection measures, and the courts can make them multiple times in batches; the creation is expanded Protect the object, clearly witness the domestic violence of minors are victims of domestic violence In addition, before the end of this year, the women’s Federation of Guangdong Province will carry out special training for the cadres of the women’s Federation of Guangdong Province. In addition, we will carry out a series of social publicity activities to combine the publicity with the 100 anti domestic violence publicity and education activities in 2020 and the people’s livelihood facts. On the whole, the two characteristics are the most distinctive: first, it highlights the responsibility of public power to moderately intervene in domestic violence; second, it emphasizes that the prevention and control of domestic violence must adhere to the victim’s standard and put the rescue of the victim in the first place.

highlight 1: the domestic violence is divided into five aspects: injury, restriction of personal freedom, threat to personal safety, mental violation and other domestic violence. “Close down” and “harassment” according to “privacy” and “social needs”. Clearly through the network and other means to implement the relevant violations, but also domestic violence.

highlight 2: social co governance is implemented to combat domestic violence. If the victim is found to be facing personal safety threats, the police should report to the police in time. A number of articles respectively stipulate the responsibilities and obligations of people’s organizations, villagers’ committees, social organizations, enterprises and institutions to carry out anti domestic violence. It is stipulated that any unit or individual shall have the right to dissuade the domestic violence that is taking place, and shall report the case to the public security organ in a timely manner if the victim faces a threat to his personal safety.

highlight 3: build a comprehensive prevention system of anti domestic violence, and bring the prevention of domestic violence into grid management. The responsibilities of all parties concerned are clarified in terms of strengthening the publicity and education of family virtues and anti domestic violence laws and regulations, carrying out professional training, promoting the construction and sharing of information resources, and resolving marital and family conflicts and disputes. Among them, people’s governments at all levels are required to incorporate family education guidance services into the urban and rural public service system, and schools and kindergartens are required to carry out publicity and education of self-protection awareness for students and children.

highlight 4: establish and improve the linkage mechanism of anti domestic violence, and deal with major and adverse social impact cases together. Clarify the responsibilities of the people’s governments at or above the county level to establish and improve the joint working mechanism of anti domestic violence. It is required that the first receiving department or unit shall accept, follow up and refer the cases in accordance with their duties and responsibilities; for major domestic violence cases involving responsibilities of multiple departments or units or domestic violence cases with bad social impact, it shall jointly handle with other relevant departments and units.

highlight 5: improve the compulsory reporting system and expand the protection objects and reporting subjects. People who are unable to report a case due to old age, disability, serious illness, being forced or threatened will be included in the protection object, and the people’s mediation organizations and their staff members will be added as compulsory reporting subjects.

highlight 6: standardize the receiving and handling of police by public security organs, and issue warning letters in “four situations”. It is clearly required that the public security organs should include the domestic violence police situation into the “110” work scope of receiving and dealing with the police. After receiving the report of domestic violence, they should call the police in time, make police records, and do a good job in stopping domestic violence, collecting evidence, finding out the basic facts, assisting in rescue, conducting injury identification, assisting in sheltering, and informing the victims of their rights. The public security organ shall accept and investigate the domestic violence violating the administration of public security according to law; if it is suspected of committing a crime, it shall file a case for investigation according to law. If the circumstances of domestic violence are relatively minor, and the public security administration punishment is not given according to law, which conforms to one of the four situations of “failing to obtain the victim’s Mediation”, the public security organ shall issue a warning letter.

highlight 7: enrich the measures of personal safety protection orders, and apply for multiple protection measures, which can be made by the court in batches. According to the regulations, personal safety protection order can take the following measures: “prohibition order”, “stay away order”, “move out order”, etc. If the applicant is required to apply for multiple measures of habeas corpus, the people’s court may make it several times in batches.

highlight 8: the special chapter provides for the rescue of victims of domestic violence, and temporary shelters should protect the privacy of victims. We should attach importance to the relief of victims, set up a special chapter of “assistance to victims of domestic violence”, and provide multi-level, diversified and three-dimensional assistance to victims from the aspects of temporary shelter, social assistance, legal aid and judicial assistance.

highlight 9: improve the family investigation system and lawyer investigation and evidence collection system, and promote the solution of the difficult problem of proof. Clearly in the civil action of domestic violence, if the victim is unable to collect evidence on his own due to objective reasons, he can entrust a lawyer to investigate and collect relevant evidence according to law.

highlight 10: strengthen the protection of minors and make it clear that minors who witness domestic violence are victims of domestic violence.