Guangzhou Children’s rope skipping training class hot jump rope private teaching class as high as 300 yuan

Recently, many cities in China have emerged a large number of children’s sports training institutions. The reporter used “skipping rope” as the key word in a life information software, and searched out nearly 40 children’s sports training institutions in the central urban area of Guangzhou. In the evaluation of these merchants, many parents said that their children’s rope skipping class can not only exercise, but also improve their sports performance. This kind of rope skipping class is usually one hour. The price of group class in small class ranges from 2000 to 4000 yuan. Generally, it can take 20 to 30 classes. If it is a one-on-one private class, the price of each class is about 200-300 yuan. Even the four words “exam oriented sports” were directly printed on the signboard of an institutional store. They launched 30 rope skipping private lessons totaling 9600 yuan, and many students have signed up. Organization coach said, because rope skipping is the most easy to get points in many sports examinations. Information sharing for epilepsy patients