Guo biting’s daughter’s nickname is disclosed to Taiping to buy a mansion to reward daughter-in-law

According to Taiwan media reports, on the evening of November 4, Xiang Tai and his wife, Zhen Zhen, Xie Xian’s ex-wife, Zhang qiongzi and his daughter-in-law and Li Yaomin, Wang’s mother-in-law, were also present in the evening of November 4. In an interview with the media, Xiangtai boasted that her granddaughter inherited the big eyes of her grandmother and her mother, and her facial features were very beautiful. Because her birth date was the Mid Autumn Festival, her family nicknamed her with Hong Kong style moon cake “little milk emperor”. She also revealed that Guo biting had promised her that she would give birth to three children and form a big family. Xiang Taizi disclosed that she was going to buy land to build a villa for Guo biting’s family. However, because it took three years to build the house, she bought a luxury house in Xinyi District of Taipei to give it to her daughter-in-law, rewarding her for giving birth to a baby granddaughter. < / P > < p > a few days ago, some netizens made public the photo of Guo biting and Xiang Zuo in the birth center. This is Guo biting’s first exposure after childbirth. Her face is a little round, but her spirit is very good. With her husband’s close care, her state is really different. Information sharing for epilepsy patients