Gym common equipment introduction and training parts!

Do you know a lot of equipment in the gym? Determined to exercise, but only recognize the treadmill? As a fitness novice, it’s normal to have the above problems, because there are too many equipment in the gym. If you operate carelessly in unfamiliar situations, you may be injured. Xiaobian has sorted out 8 kinds of basic gym equipment. If you want to practice your body well, you can take notes. Next time you see them, you won’t feel strange! < / P > < p > rowing machine can train up and down many parts of the body, including arms, legs, back, abdomen and other core muscle groups, through the arm stretching action to drive the body, while pulling the muscle with the effort, the action seems simple, in fact, there are many things to pay attention to, during the process should tighten the core, back straight, and choose the appropriate resistance and distance. < / P > < p > What Arianna rides sexy in the MV is the bicycle, which is the super tamping equipment in the gym. It’s a bit like a bicycle, that is, she keeps stepping on the pedal in place. Flywheel car belongs to high-intensity aerobic exercise, the main part of the exercise is the lower body muscle group, including quadriceps femoris, biceps femoris, calf peroneus longus, etc. with strong training mode and high resistance, you can sweat like rain in less than 30 minutes. < / P > < p > Roman chair is a necessary equipment for gymnasium, because it is small, does not occupy space, and can make a lot of changes, but also with dumbbell exercise, is one of the favorite equipment for heavy trainers. The main training parts are the vertical muscles of the lower back and buttock muscles. The following will be illustrated by the signature action of back flexion and extension, which is better than hard pull for novices, and is less likely to be injured. < / P > < p > Smith machine belongs to fixed equipment, with high iron frame and fixed track. Compared with the equipment with complex functions, it is a better one to use. Although the shape is simple, Smith’s functional operation is very diverse, such as push, squat, rowing and so on. There is also a safety design on the frame, which can prevent crushing if he fails. However, the movement track of Smith machine is fixed, so it takes time to adapt to the free weight. < / P > < p > butterfly machine is a common fixed equipment in gymnasium. It is like a butterfly opening and closing its wings when it moves, so it gets its name. Butterfly machine is the best auxiliary equipment for chest clamping training. It is specialized in training the separation of chest muscles and the seam in the middle of the chest. In short, it is to train the career line that men dream of, making the chest muscles more three-dimensional and more obvious. This action is similar to dumbbell flying birds. < / P > < p > many fixed equipment in the gym can only train the same movement, but the cable gantry is different. By changing the handle, there can be a variety of changes, mainly through the pulley structure to drive the bar as the source of resistance, so as to exercise the body’s muscle endurance. Unlike the Smith machine, the gantry has many shapes, but the basic functions are similar. This paper introduces the straight arm pulley pull-down, the use of T-handle, the training part is latissimus dorsi. < / P > < p > we all know that you can’t just practice one part of your body. If you practice your chest crazily all the time, but ignore your legs, you will feel that your head is heavy and your feet are light. Although it’s very hard, you can’t skip the leg training day. If you want to get strong leg muscles, leg pusher is a good equipment. Through weight-bearing training to strengthen quadriceps femoris, buttocks and calf muscles, you can make your legs thick and brave in the long run! HEALTHY LIFE