Hailu is a little girl. The things in her make-up bag are very simple. She has several lipsticks with her

Hello, everyone. My sister is online. In this article, we will share the maintenance secrets, good things sharing and fashion of the stars. We hope that the learning of these tips can inspire you. Then we will start our fashion journey! < / P > < p > she also participated in the competition, but the water spray aroused by the sea and land was relatively small, but in fact, Hai Lu was also a very hard-working sister. Yes, I can’t help but be interested in the make-up of my sisters. In the program, the make-up is more interesting than the dress modeling of the sisters. < / P > < p > the program is over, but the elder sister herself still clearly remembers the style of her sisters’ public performance. The private makeup of the elder sisters is relatively light, and the sea and land also bring us makeup bags to share. < / P > < p > the makeup bags that sea and land will bring privately are very grounded, and they have large capacity and can hold a lot of things. The main purpose of the small series is to share the cosmetics used by sea and land for you. < / P > < p > Lancome’s air cushion is one of the love products of the sea and land. It is mainly used to make up and maintain delicate makeup. Sea and land like to use its point, one is very convenient, and its sponge air cushion is more suitable for eye skin, and the other is good covering power. < / P > < p > in appearance, the appearance is very high, which can be said to be a delicate jewelry. The triangle powder puff that Hailu loves is very special. At ordinary times, we see more round powder puffs, and the triangular powder puff can take into account some small corners of the make-up, which is more convenient for finishing.

it is a skin nourishing foundation liquid. It has no pressure for acne muscles. It also has skin care essential oil and its texture is more moist. The make-up face is soft and light, it is natural, and its makeup holding power is also good. The longer you wear makeup, the more beautiful it will be.

as a Japanese cosmetics, the general sense of makeup is relatively natural, this Shiseido’s honey powder is also able to stealth pores, makeup effect is also natural, no what is the powder texture.

snow powder has always been a high face value of a powder, and this year, a new day and night can be used for powder, used during the day to make use of makeup, and in the evening as maintenance powder. But small make-up more recommended that you can fix makeup during the day, night use or easy to plug pores, long acne.

its powder is thin, and its texture is very light. Although it looks bright, it is actually more transparent after what it looks like. It doesn’t have much sense of heavy makeup. The only drawback is that her dual-purpose powdery cake is not good enough.

girls must wear lipstick in the cosmetic bag. There are two lip balms in the cosmetics bags of the sea and land. They are all Japanese lipstick. DHC’s Lip Balm we see a lot more. It’s a lip balm with high price and parity. Although

is a product of the price, the packaging of this lip balm is also very texture, and it will not be cheap at all. The paste is yellow. It is a lipstick without pigment. It is safer. The main ingredient is olive oil, olive oil and our sebum structure similar, skin better absorption. Generally speaking, it is a lip balm without adding, which is mainly used for bottoming and lip protection, but the taste may not be acceptable to everyone.

CPB’s new cherry blossom lipstick is a limited edition, and its pink and delicate color is very different from that of the old lady. This lipstick is colored with a little powder on the upper lip, but it is not difficult to control, just like its original lip color. But if for the serious peeling lip, the moisture level is not high enough, and the cost performance is not very high. < p > < p > the lipsticks that Hai Lu usually carry with them include cheap lipsticks and big brands. First of all, the 3ce Lip Glaze that Hailu loves recently is mainly used to improve the complexion, and the plain color can also be applied. < / P > < p > it can be seen that Hailu’s portable cosmetic bag is really simple. Basically, it is based on ordinary base make-up and lipstick. She mainly pays attention to simple make-up. She thinks that the product she chooses has a good reputation, and she won’t choose skin texture and color number. You can buy it by imitation= https://luanban.com/category/focus/ target=_ blank>Focus