Hainan’s first fetal medical department was established, which can accurately prevent and control birth defects and reduce birth defects

On September 12, the Department of fetal medicine of Hainan women and children’s Medical Center was officially unveiled on the 16th China birth defect prevention day, which is also the first Department of fetal medicine in Hainan Province. It is understood that the Department of fetal medicine has integrated the obstetrics, prenatal diagnosis, pediatric surgery, ultrasound and other disciplines of Hainan women and children’s Medical Center, which will provide comprehensive prevention, diagnosis, intervention and late rehabilitation treatment for the comprehensive prevention and treatment of fetal birth defects.

at the unveiling ceremony of the Department of fetal medicine of Hainan Provincial Women and children’s Medical Center, Du Jianwei, a second-class inspector of Hainan Health Commission, said that the incidence of birth defects in China is close to the average level of middle-income countries in the world. Because of the large population base, birth defects are still an important factor affecting the quality of China’s birth population. Fetal medicine belongs to the secondary prevention of birth defects, involving birth defects structural malformations, fetal arrhythmias, unexplained intrauterine growth retardation, unexplained abnormal amniotic fluid volume, diagnosis and treatment of complex twins and assessment of fetal intrauterine health status, including intrauterine intervention and Research on fetal medical ethics. Fetal medicine integrates multi-disciplinary high-quality resources, when fetal development abnormalities are found, it can be timely, accurate and effective treatment, accurate prevention and control of birth defects.

Du Jianwei said that Hainan women’s and children’s center has a complete fetal medical service chain. It is a good measure to establish a fetal medical department and adopt the mode of multi-disciplinary joint diagnosis and treatment. He hopes to do clinical and scientific research work in deep fetal medicine, continuously improve the detection rate of fetal malformations and diagnosis rate of fetal diseases, better understand fetal diseases, and explore the development of fetal interventional therapy Treatment, effectively reduce the birth of defective children.

Gu Shuo, Secretary of the Party committee of Hainan women’s and children’s medical center and academic leader of the Department of fetal medicine, said that the purpose of the establishment of the fetal medicine department was to further strengthen the prevention and control of birth defects, precise prevention and control, and reduce the birth of birth defects. Fetal medicine is a new subject. At present, there are not many medical institutions that carry out relevant technology and set up a special department of fetal medicine in China. The Department of fetal medicine needs the integration of multiple disciplines, including obstetrics, prenatal diagnosis, all the sub specialties of pediatric surgery and molecular biology.

it is understood that Hainan women’s and children’s Medical Center has a complete discipline system of Obstetrics and Gynecology and pediatrics, and there can be seamless docking between specialties. Multidisciplinary joint model can find fetal problems more accurately and provide more scientific diagnosis basis. Meanwhile, it can reduce the birth of birth defects through prenatal intervention.

“we will continue to strengthen ultrasound technology and fetal mirror technology to better carry out intrauterine intervention technology.” Gu Shuo said that the center also hopes to use the opportunity of the establishment of the fetal medicine department to train more specialists in clinical practice, ultrasound, surgery and genetics, so as to make greater contributions to the prevention and control of birth defects in China. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so