“Hair spray” with “L’Oreal hair spray”

This summer, there has been a trend of women’s group. I believe you have such a careful thought to see the sassy and beautiful sisters riding the wind and waves on the stage: you want to have the confidence of the sisters, and also want to try their vigorous and personalized hairstyles. However, the dry and impetuous hair makes the “Buyer show” and “seller show” too sharp contrast; you want to learn from the sisters on the stage The rhythm shakes the appearance of the hair, but the greasy flat hair, not only can’t swing up, but also faces the trouble of “bald as it comes”! < / P > < p > but if you want to get the air feeling hair of the girls in the women’s troupe, you should give your scalp some water first! All along, we are concerned about the health of hair, but the health of the scalp determines the health of the hair. Only a healthy scalp environment can make the hair root strong and healthy and shiny. The scalp, like our skin, is faced with many challenges every day. Ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution, frequent dyeing and ironing, as well as life pressure, will make the scalp sensitive and fragile, resulting in scalp oil and dry hair.

for this reason, Paris L’OREAL research and research launched hyaluronic acid water bottle ampoule, add skin care moisturizing essence – 99% high purity hyaluronic acid ingredients, can be directly used for scalp and hair, so that the scalp is moist and healthy, the roots are erect and the hair reappears. < p > < p > L’Oreal purple ampoule uses 99% high-purity hyaluronic acid which was only found in high-end skin care products. Its light texture can be directly used for scalp and hair. It can be called the “water light needle” in the hair film field. It can fill the scalp with water intensively, and the hair root becomes flexible and supportive again. The hair silk is elastic, smooth and glossy like drinking water. The original water light technology glycer Ol-45 can deeply fill the damaged hair scales, and form an invisible water locking film on the surface of the hair, firmly lock in the moisture, and make your hair lasting moist and fresh. < / P > < p > it is found that after using seven sticks, the softness is + 73%, the moisture content is + 95%, and the glossiness is + 179%, which makes the hair stand upright and bring the visible bullet to the naked eye. The height of the skull head is increased visually, which makes the face more delicate and compact, and the vitality value of the watch explodes! < / P > < p > in addition to zianping hair mask, L’Oreal launched the same series of hair care products – hyaluronic acid water light shampoo and hyaluronic acid moisturizing cream. They contain 99% high-purity hyaluronic acid, and contain a.h.a scalp cleaning technology and OCT scalp soothing factor. While cleaning the scalp and hair, the scalp can achieve water and oil balance, maintain a healthy scalp environment, and the scalp is not oily or itchy Say goodbye to the greasy head!

– A.H.A scalp cleaning technology: deep oil removal, adjust the scalp water and oil balance, so that you can easily follow the oil head say byebye;

L’OREAL hyaluronic acid water light run series using the classic flavoring technology: Bellflower and lilac fresh front tune, roses, lily of the valley, jasmine’s excellent medium tone, amber Musk’s fragrance tail tune… Imagine: a fresh scalp and a spring of hair. When you touch your hair intentionally or unintentionally or gently shake your head, the hair seems to be dancing, and the quiet fragrance also wafts and lingers. How can you not be overwhelmed? < p > < p > L’Oreal hyaluronic acid water & amp; shampoo in August 2020: 139 yuan / 14ml * 7 < / P > < p > new product of L’Oreal hyaluronic acid water light shampoo in August 2020 was 109 yuan / 440ml < / P > < p > in August 2020, new product was 109 yuan / 440ml < A= https://luanban.com/category/focus/page/20/ target=_ blank>20