Happy summer brings interesting experience to Chinese families

It has always been an upsurge among children and parents all over the world with colorful painting styles and positive and moving stories. With the arrival of the “true love magic” theme friendship month, the magic of friendship, the core value of animation, will be conveyed through a series of brand-new experience activities, which will bring fun for children for one month.

as a popular animation for families all over the world, it attracts many children with its wonderful plot, humorous scenes and distinctive characters. The brilliant design, the story of education and entertainment and the rich and colorful fantasy elements are all tailored for the small fans to meet their watching habits and character shaping needs.

during the friendship month, we constantly convey its values to the audience: magic is not only a mysterious and abstract thing, but also buried in everyone’s heart, which constructs our moral character and team cooperation ability. Whether it is ziyue’s leadership, apple Jiaer’s practical ability, or yunbao’s self-confidence, every pony is playing an indispensable role. During the friendship month, these wonderful qualities will be passed on to fans in an interesting way so that children can explore their potential talents.

at the beginning of the activity month, we will bring new interactive cooperation content with Tencent video and mango TV, which will show the wonderful power of positive attitude and interpersonal relationship around the theme of “true love magic”.

next, we will launch in-depth cooperation with Hilton Hotel to launch afternoon tea activities nationwide. Carefully customized children’s products, leisure afternoon tea, outdoor picnics and theme catering activities, I believe that all fans will not miss the tea time!

more fun will appear in iqiyiqi Babu Town, Changlong theme park, Guangzhou, and interact with each other to win the latest pony gifts.

in addition to the above wonderful activities, they also bring children interactive love, universe Princess and friendship fantasy Castle toys, so that children can play happily with the ponies. Colorful authorized products also make children’s life more colorful. Children will see energetic ponies: Marlboro’s cereal bars and cookies from King surprise, and carousel rides; healthy ponies: Mackay’s hand sanitizer and fortune Marbury’s water cup; and tiger Family’s little Marbury’s schoolbag; Fashion Pony: beautiful special step children’s Marlboro series, and only little Marlboro series suitable for mothers.

more exciting new series will meet you in 2020 and in the future, and will continue to convey the magic of friendship in China. This enduring positive force will last for the whole friendship month, and will be accompanied by the children’s future life. It will inspire more children to explore the strength behind friendship, self-confidence and little fun.