Harbin primary and secondary school kindergartens suspended due to snow

Harbin meteorological station issued a red warning signal of snowstorm at 7:00 on the 19th: in the past 12 hours, the snowfall in Shangzhi, Yanshou, Wuchang, Shuangcheng and main urban areas has reached more than 9mm and the snowfall continues. It is estimated that the snowfall in the above areas will reach more than 15mm in the next six hours. Please pay attention to prevention. At 8:54 on the 19th, Harbin Education Bureau issued an emergency notice: “according to the information released by the meteorological department, the warning level of snowstorm disaster in our city has reached the red warning level. With the approval of the municipal government, schools and kindergartens in the city will be closed for one day on November 19. It is up to the local government to decide whether or not to suspend classes in the districts and counties less affected by snowfall according to the actual situation. At present, the school should take care of the students who have arrived at the school, and the parents can pick them up when it is convenient for them. The students who have not arrived at school can take the form of online learning and other forms to self-study at home. ” < / P > < p > “it’s too timely and school will be over if it’s late.” “It’s too timely. I’ll pick it up as soon as it’s delivered. It’s great.” “well done, it’s trained the children and honed the parents.” as soon as the notice came out, the comments on the social networking platform immediately exploded. < / P > < p > why is the emergency notice so late? What about the children at school? The reporter of China new network interviewed the relevant person in charge of Harbin Education Bureau by telephone. According to the relevant person in charge of the supervision and safety department of Harbin Education Bureau, a notice was issued yesterday that the education bureaus of all districts, counties and cities can ask the local government to decide whether to suspend classes. Because Harbin city is relatively large, the situation of each district, county and city is not the same, and the warning level of the previous day did not meet the requirements of class suspension. “Students who have arrived at school are required to take good care of the school. Those who have not arrived can learn online at home.” At about 7:00 on the 19th, the education department received a warning from the meteorological department, and at about 8:00, the education department issued the notice after consulting the Harbin municipal government for decision. The person in charge said that before the meteorological department issued the warning, the education department could not make such a decision for the time being. Focus