Harry basks in a picture with his mother, Yi Nengjing. The mother and the son are holding each other tightly

On December 2, Yi Nengjing’s son Harry showed an old photo of his mother, Yi Nengjing, on the social platform, and marked: “2009, mom and I”. In the photo, Harry and his mother, Yi Nengjing, are hugged tightly. At that time, Harry was only 7 years old, very similar to his father Yu Chengqing, while his mother Yi Nengjing was as quiet and beautiful as a girl. It can be seen from the computer documents that Harry basks out that he attaches great importance to family affection and yearns for maternal love. He specially created a folder about his family members, saved the group photos of his meeting with his mother on May 22, as well as the photos taken by his mother for himself when he met, recording the scenes of the meeting. Your name will always exist on the Internet