“Have you ever had a baby before?” When I was asked this question during the production inspection, I had a deep meaning, and I would like to answer it after thinking about it

The process of giving birth to a new life is tense and sweet. In order to ensure the normal development of children, prenatal examination is an important task during pregnancy, which can help us understand the baby’s condition in time.

Xiao Lin has been pregnant for three months, and the news of the newly married Yan’er comes out. Her husband is also very happy with the arrival of the child, and specially asks for leave to accompany Xiao Lin to the prenatal examination.

when he arrived at the hospital, the doctor inquired about Xiaolin’s menstruation in detail, and Xiaolin answered shyly one by one. At last, the doctor asked, “have you ever had a baby before?” Xiao Lin was stunned by one sentence.

the more Xiao Lin thinks about it, the more angry he is. He complains to his family that he wants to change the hospital. However, his cousin, who has given birth, calmly says, “you can answer whatever you ask. It’s all for your own good.”

menstruation, abortion and childbearing history are privacy for many women. Of course, the fewer people they know, the better. Is it too disrespectful for doctors to ask?

in fact, doctors don’t have so many ideas. They just want to know the basic information of pregnant women and know the health status of pregnant women and fetuses. The question of whether a child has ever been born, though sensitive, is very necessary.

the cervix of Baoma who has given birth to a child is obviously loose. The cervix of women who have not had childbearing experience is mostly in “one” shape. However, the cervix of women who have given birth to a child is obviously loose and will become “O” shape. It is necessary to pay attention to nursing when the embryo is unstable in the early pregnancy.

women who have given birth to babies will inevitably suffer from varying degrees of damage to the uterus. More attention should be paid to the repair condition, focusing on whether it is suitable for re pregnancy.

according to statistics, it takes an average of 10 hours for primiparas and 8 hours for multiparous women from symptoms of labor to full opening of uterine orifice; after full opening of uterine orifice, it takes an average of 1 hour for primiparas and 20 minutes for multiparous women to deliver the fetus.

it is a very common phenomenon that multipara has faster delivery speed than primipara. Multipara’s birth canal and pelvis have experienced an expansion, so the second delivery will be easier and more relaxed with the increase of the number of deliveries.

if the first child is delivered naturally, the second child can choose to be delivered naturally or by caesarean section. If the first birth is a caesarean section, the second birth is usually not recommended, and the position of the knife edge should avoid the first position.

abortion and premature birth often occur many times in the same pregnant woman. If the first child has some diseases, such as deformity, Down’s syndrome and so on, the doctor will also focus on assessing the health of the second fetus.

according to relevant studies, the pregnancy interval less than 12 months will increase the risk of premature delivery, stillbirth, and maternal accidents. Cesarean section is generally the most suitable for pregnant women 2-3 years after operation.

both the maternal body and the pregnant uterus need a period of recovery. On the premise of ensuring the best childbearing age, the longer the time for the second child, the better the degree of recovery.

the fact that Baoma, the second child, has to face is that she is gradually losing her physical strength and getting older. Once she wants to have a second child, Baoma should start to pay attention to maintaining good living habits and consciously make a pregnancy preparation plan.

candy mother warned: if there are family members present for pregnancy test, some situations are not good to tell the doctor, you can find another opportunity to explain separately, and be sure to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

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